Find the Perfect Baby Adoption Shower Game

Adoption Baby Shower Games That Don't Focus on Pregnancy or Birth

Baby shower games are usually loaded with references to pregnancy, labor and birth, so it can be a challenge to find games that are appropriate for adoption. You can edit some to include adoption references instead, or just avoid games that rely heavily on birth and pregnancy references altogether. Here are a few baby shower game ideas and tips that make them work for adoption parties, too.  

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    Parent Trivia

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    Prepare a list of questions about the adoptive parents, then send them out of the room while the guests write down their answers. This is a perfect game for couple adoption baby shower, and it can also be a great way for everyone to get to know each other. Try to make the questions parent-oriented. 

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    The Perfect Recipe

    Marriage and children don't come with recipes, and new parents often find themselves relying on the help of friends and family in the beginning. Throw this fun cooking game to throw into the mix of your adoption baby shower to help the expecting couple along.

    Organize guests into pairs or small groups, then create a shopping list of types of foods, such as "green vegetable" or "something salty." Each group then chooses a food item that fits that category and writes it down on their "shopping list." Collect everyone's lists and mix them up, giving them to other guests. Redistribute them so each group has one that was written by another. They now have 15 minutes to come up with a three-course meal using those ingredients. Have them focus on easy meals that will be much appreciated in the hectic days after baby comes home. 

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    Baby Shower Intruder

    This baby shower game requires that your guests have good memories. An "intruder" crashes the adoption shower and removes a variety of baby items from her bag while pretending to look for her invitation. When she finds her invitation, she packs everything back up again. Now have your guests try to remember and name all those items she took out of her bag. 

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    Nursery Rhymes

    You better read up on Mother Goose before trying to play this baby shower game. Type one line from a nursery rhyme on a piece of paper — a line that's not easily or immediately unidentifiable, such as "like a diamond" for "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." The guest who correctly guesses the most rhymes wins. 

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    Needle in the Haystack

    This one looks easy, but it's not! Have some fun watching others try to find a safety pin in a bowl full of rice while they're blindfolded. This isn't particularly adoption-related, but it's guaranteed to keep your guests amused. 

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    Famous Baby Faces

    Can you name a famous person when his face is placed atop an image of an infant's body? Get busy with your printer, snagging pictures from the Internet then cutting them out. Make the challenge harder by removing any easily identifying features, such as hair or mustaches. 

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    Baby Name Fun

    How many words can your guests create from the letters of the baby's name? If the parents haven't settled on a name yet, use one that's in the running or make one up that's amusing and appropriate to the parents.

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    Time Capsule

    Have guests write a message to the adoptive family or new baby, then place them in a time capsule to be opened at a later date. Consider adding a few baby shower mementos and pictures of the shower to the capsule. I created a time capsule for my daughter's third birthday to be opened on her 13th. The "capsule" doesn't have to be buried in the parents' yard. It can be any container that's sealed and placed aside for a prescribed number of years. 

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    Baby Wishing Bank

    Our family has a tradition that every new baby receives a bank, usually in a form that matches the nursery decor. My daughter received a Peter Rabbit bank. Find an appropriate poem to accompany the bank, or have guests write their own messages or best wishes to tuck inside. 

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    Thank you!

    Ask each guest to write their names and addresses on a thank you card envelope, then place the cards in a bowl for a door prize. The adoptive parents get the notes — and the addresses — and the lucky guest whose name is plucked out of the bowl gets a prize. What a wonderful way to help busy new parents easily send thank you notes to each guest after the shower.