Looking to Buy Adora Dolls or American Girl Dolls?

American Girl Isn't the Only Doll You Child Will Love

Adora Friends dolls vs. American Girl Dolls
Keri Wilmot

Most people with little girls in the family know about American Girl dolls, but they are not the baby dolls available. Meet the popular Adora Friends dolls. These beautiful, affordable dolls are the same size as American Girl dolls. They arrive in different ethnic backgrounds, brilliant eye colors, hair that is cute and easy to style. Their clothes are sweet, classy and fashionable.  

Even at a young age, babies as young as one-year-old enjoy interacting with their toddler baby dolls.

Kids imitate their parents by hugging, rocking, feeding, dressing and pushing their baby dolls in strollers, wearing them in carriers, or feeding them in their high chairs.

 As children get older, dolls tend to include more distinct features such as blinking eyes, moving joints, fashionable clothing and fun accessories like strollers, swings and baby wearing carriers. First little girls love baby dolls, but then they usually ask to collect and accessorize a larger, more fashionable doll similar to themselves. 

Adora Friends dolls are 18-inch dolls with individual, unique styles. Adora dolls are often found at specialty toy stores for around $70.  Each doll arrives with a comb and a hair extension for girls who enjoy combing their hair. Adora dolls are posable and include ethnically diverse faces in terms of skin color and face shape. Adora dolls have a vinyl chest plate that matches the vinyl of the doll's face, arms and legs.

This allows them to look more realistic.  Outfits and shoes can be purchased separately. For families with children who like to design, every year, Adora doll holds a contest for kids to enter, allowing them to submit designs as part of the Designed By Kids for Kids program. The winner of the contest works with the Adora Doll Design Staff, and their doll is available for buy the following year.


American Girl dolls include 18-inch dolls that are either part of the BeForever historical collection, the Doll of the Year Collection or they can be individually designed to look anyway a little girl wants as part of the My American Girl Collection. Dolls that are part of the historical collection, have been designed from a specific time in history. These dolls arrive with a book to read, that explains the details of their life. There are also toys and accessories that can be bought for play, too. The American Doll Girl of the Year includes one doll that can only be purchased during that specific year, or until supplies last. The My American Girl Doll collection allows girls to design a doll with specific features such as eye color, hair color, and race/ethnic backgrounds. Generally American Girl Dolls retail for about $110. The dolls in the My American Girl collection arrive wearing an outfit, a charm keeper necklace to hold charms that arrive with various outfits, and a code to access interstarU.com, a safe, virtual on-line world. The doll itself has a cloth body, eyes that open/close, hair that can be styled, a moveable head and vinyl limbs. Many people like to visit American Girl Place, the American Girl Doll retail store, to buy their new doll and participate in special activities like getting their dolls hair styled or ears pierced.

Many people remember their first baby dolls, and save them for their own children. Dolls are such classic toys, but every year their clothes and accessories do change to match the current trends. 

American Girls are popular, but many people can not afford their expensive price tag. Some people have been frustrated with the limited ethnic options of American Girl dolls. While there are not as many Adora  Friends dolls to choose from, they still are a great choice. They have their own unique clothing and stories, too.

​Adore Friends dolls and American Girl dolls are available to buy on Amazon.com.