39 Free Halloween Party Games for Adults

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If you've sent out your Halloween party invitations, picked out your Halloween costume, downloaded a spooky playlist, and bought plenty of candy, all that's left to do is plan some party games for your adults-only Halloween party. There are many themed games that are fun and maybe even a bit scary to celebrate the holiday. Plus, they use items you likely already have around your house, so you won't have to spend any money.

Here are 36 Halloween party games for adults.

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    Murder Mystery Game

    Murder mystery game

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    A murder mystery game is perfect for Halloween. Your guests will become characters in a story, and it's up to them to find out which character is the murderer. You can find free murder mystery game scripts online, which provide instructions about the characters and gameplay.

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    Halloween Feel Box

    Halloween feel box

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    Gross-out your guests with this hands-on Halloween party game. Fill boxes full of items that are cold, slimy, or otherwise unpleasant to touch, such as cooked spaghetti or peeled grapes. Have your guests stick their hands in the boxes and try to guess what the items are.

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    Halloween Jinx

    Group of friends celebrating Halloween
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    As guests arrive, let them know there are certain "jinxed" words they can't say during the party. The list of words can have a Halloween theme or be anything else you want. If someone is caught saying one of the words, set up some type of lighthearted penalty.

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    Halloween Battle of the Balloons

    A woman holding a jack o' lantern balloon in front of her face.

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    In this hilarious party game for adults, your guests will race to pop the balloons tied to the ankles of the other guests. No hands are allowed; you only can pop another person's balloon with your feet. Cumbersome Halloween costumes can make this an even greater challenge. The last person who still has their balloon intact wins.

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    Halloween Guess Who

    adults playing a Halloween party game
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    This game is a great ice breaker for your next Halloween party. When your guests arrive, tape a piece of paper to their backs with a Halloween character written on it. Have them ask other guests for clues about the character on their back until they can correctly guess it.

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    Pass-It-On Ghost Story

    Young adults sitting around campfire.
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    This is a simple Halloween party game for adults that doesn't require any special props. Gather guests in a circle, and take turns crafting a spooky Halloween ghost story. Have one person begin, and each subsequent person in the circle can add a sentence to the tale.

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    Candy Corn Relay Race

    Candy corn
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    Split your guests into two teams, and then set up two lines of small bowls with one for each person. Also, give each person a spoon. Fill the first bowl for each team with a small amount of candy corn. When you say go, each person must move the candy corn from their bowl to their next teammate's bowl using the spoon held in their mouth. No hands allowed. The first team that moves the candy corn all the way to the last bowl wins.

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    Halloween Story Game

    Halloween party flyer
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    This game starts when you send out your Halloween party invitations. Write the beginning of a Halloween story on the invitation, and ask guests to come to the party with their conclusion to the story. Then, have them share their stories with each other at the party.

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    Halloween Candy Guessing Game

    Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies
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    This is a simple Halloween party game, but it does require some brain power. Set out a clear jar of Halloween candy. Then, have guests take their best guess at how many pieces of candy are in the jar. The person who comes closest gets to keep the candy jar.

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    Halloween Film Festival

    Halloween party
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    This fun Halloween party game has guests bringing out their inner actor. Split your guests into groups, and give each group a popular scene from a Halloween/horror movie to act out for everyone else. You can follow your mini film festival with a viewing of your favorite Halloween movie.

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    Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Person taking a photo of a jack o lantern with their smartphone

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    Make a list of items with a Halloween theme that you spot around town. Some options include a carved pumpkin or skeleton Halloween decorations. Then, have your guests race around town and take photos of as many list items as they can find. The person who finds the most items wins the Halloween scavenger hunt.

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    Halloween Movie Master Game

    Halloween gravestone decoration on lawn
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    For this Halloween movie scene recreation party game for adults, you'll have to put a bit of work into the setup. Decorate a spot in your home to look like a scene from a famous Halloween or horror movie. When guests arrive, have them try to guess which movie you've depicted.

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    Scary Hide-and-Seek

    Woman airbrushed as a skeleton
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    This twist on classic hide-and-seek is a scarier version for adults. Start out by organizing a standard hide-and-seek game with you as the seeker. Then, put on an extra scary costume to spook your guests when you find them. Turn out all the lights, and one by one, find the hiding guests with a flashlight. Once found, send them to another room, "the graveyard," and have them lay down like corpses. Hand out a prize to the last person found.

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    Horror Movie Scenario Game

    Frightened man
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    This is a fun Halloween party game for adults that will show how creative your friends are. Print out the plots to several horror movies, and highlight the decisions the characters make that result in their demise. Lay out the fatal scenarios for your guests, and ask them what decisions they would make. If they don't make the same fatal choices as the characters, they get a point.

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    Famous Halloween Movie Quote Game

    mysterious remote home
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    How well do your guests know their Halloween movies? Print out a list of quotes from popular Halloween movies, and ask your guests to identify which movie they came from. Afterward, you can vote on one of the movies to watch.

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    Head Waiter

    woman with balloon as face
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    This Halloween party game is a creepy balloon relay race. But it's made even more interesting because you're using balloons to symbolize heads on a platter. Split your guests into two teams, and give each team a balloon "head" that they have to balance on a plate like a waiter. Set up an obstacle course, and then have each person hand off the balloon plate to a teammate at certain points throughout the course. The first team that finishes the relay with the balloon still on the plate wins.

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    Petrified Pyramid

    zombie handshake
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    This game is played like the game Pyramid, but it has a spooky Halloween theme. It takes two players at a time, but you can easily make it a team game if you have a larger group. Included are 12 categories with corresponding question cards that you can print out and use for the game.

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    Halloween Charades

    Women in costumes at a Halloween party


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    This Halloween charades game is basically a game of charades. But it adds a spooky twist by using Halloween phrases. You also can use Halloween movie titles for your guests to act out, which can be extra eerie if they're in scary costumes.

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    Pumpkin Consequences

    men in Halloween costumes
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    Consequences is a popular party game. And this Halloween consequences game adds a spooky element to it. It's an excellent game for groups of any size. Have players sit in a circle, and give each person a half sheet of paper. Then, instruct each person to write certain things on the paper, fold it over so what they’ve written can’t be seen, and then pass it to the person next to them. In the end, each paper should have a hilarious story with a Halloween theme, depending on what you have them write.

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    The Grave Keeper

    man standing in graveyard
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    If you have some zombie fans at your Halloween party, then they are going to love the Grave Keeper Halloween game. Have one guest be the grave keeper, and the rest should fall to the floor as the undead. If the grave keeper has their eye on you, you can't move (and if you do, you're out). But if their back is turned to you, you can move. The goal is to stand all the way up without the grave keeper catching you.

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    Pumpkin Bocce

    A group of mini pumpkins

    Michael Marquand / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

    If your group of friends loves bocce ball, then they are going to flip over Pumpkin Bocce. The game uses large and small pumpkins to play instead of traditional bocce balls. Have a large pumpkin set out in the yard several feet away from the start line. Give each player a small pumpkin. For extra giggles hand out permanent markers so they can deck out their pumpkin. Each player gets a chance to roll their pumpkin towards the big pumpkin. The person who gets their pumpkin closest without going past it wins the game. Let all the players keep their pumpkins as parting gifts.

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    Pumpkin Races

    A group of pumpkins and gourds.

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    Pumpkin races are another fun Halloween activity. Set up some ramps with whatever you have around the house, and you're ready to have a pumpkin race. Pair two players up against each other and see who's pumpkin rolls down the ramp first. If you roll your pumpkin too softly, you'll probably lose. But roll too hard, and things might get messy.

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    Murder in the Dark

    Man with playing cards

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    Murder in the Dark is a fun Halloween card game for adults. It's a murder mystery game with no setup and just a deck of cards. And because it's played in the dark, there's a spooky atmosphere from the start.

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    The Corny Game

    Candy corn in a glass jar

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    The Corny Game requires guests to kneel on a chair and try to drop a piece of Halloween candy into a glass that is on the floor next to the chair. Using a small glass makes the game more challenging. And it can be especially difficult to aim the candy corn if you're wearing a bulky Halloween costume or a mask that makes it difficult to see. The person with the most full glass wins the game.

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    Deadly Wink

    A woman winking

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    Deadly Wink is a spine-tingling Halloween game. Secretly designate one person as the "murderer." That person should discretely wink at people as you all sit around the room. It has several versions, but generally, If you're winked at, you must "die" on the spot and sit out of the game. If you see the murderer winking at someone, you can shout "witness" and name the killer. If you're right, you win the game. But if you're wrong, you also must "die" and are out of the game. The game is over once the murderer is correctly identified.

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    Guess the Pumpkin's Weight

    person holding a pumpkin
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    You just need a pumpkin and a scale for this simple Halloween party game. Aim to get a fairly large pumpkin, and then have your guests make guesses about its weight. Award a prize to the person with the closest guess.

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    Halloween Questions

    Friends at a Halloween party
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    This Truth or Dare Halloween party game is a structured version of truth or dare. Guests must answer questions about their past Halloweens or complete a spooky dare. This game works best in small groups, so if you have a large party you'll need to break everyone into teams.

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    Tarot Card Readings

    person holding a tarot card

    Ron Koeberer / Aurora / Getty Images

    Print a free set of tarot cards, then use a tarot interpretive guide to provide a spooky reading to your guests. Don't forget to turn down the lights and light some candles to set a spooky mood.

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    Next Halloween I Think I Will Be ...

    Friends in Halloween costumes dancing among confetti
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    This Halloween party game starts off simply but quickly gets tricky. It's similar to the "Going on a Picnic" game To start, one guest should complete the phrase "Next Halloween, I think I will be..." Then, the next guest in line should go, saying their answer and repeating the answer of the person before them. Continue like that until you make it through all of your guests, each subsequent person has to memorize a longer list.

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    Screaming Contest

    Friends singing
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    If your neighbors won't mind, liven up your Halloween party with a screaming contest. It certainly will loosen up your guests and give them permission to get loud. Give awards for categories, such as the loudest scream, best scream, scariest scream, and silliest scream.

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    ESP Test

    A man with an ESP card on his forehead

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    Use these free printable ESP cards to test your guests' "connection" with one another. One person should draw cards from the deck while another attempts to guess what the cards are. This is a great low-key Halloween party game that can be set up in a corner, so guests can play when they want.

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    Halloween Quote Ice Breaker

    Halloween party guests
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    This Halloween game is the perfect ice breaker and a great way to form teams for other games you want to play during the party. Give each guest a slip of paper with part of a popular quote from a Halloween movie. The guests then must find the other people with slips of paper that complete the quote.

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    The Devil Is in the Details

    Pumpkins and candles decorating a porch.

    Eri Morita / The Image Bank / Getty Images

    This Halloween party game for adults forces your guests to appreciate the decorating job you did for your Halloween party. Give your guests a list of questions related to your decorations, such as "How many pumpkins are on the porch?" Then, have your guests race around your house to find the answers. The person who finishes first with all of the correct answers wins.

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    Everything Halloween A-Z

    Halloween food and table decorations.
    John Block/Photolibrary/Getty Images

    This Halloween word game free printable worksheet makes setting up this activity a snap. Set a timer for eight minutes, and then have guests fill in as many Halloween-related words as they can on the worksheet that starts with each letter of the alphabet. The person with the most words gets a prize.

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    Spooky Halloween Boggle

    Spooky writing on a piece of paper.

    Cat Anderson / EyeEm / Getty Images

    A spooky Boggle game is another fun word game. Hand out these free printable Halloween Boggle worksheets to get started, The Boggle preset board includes some spooky Halloween-related words. Set a timer and ask guests to find as many of the words as they can.

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    Mind Reader Game

    A mind reader

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    In this mindreading Halloween game, a test subject is chosen to complete a series of phrases on a paper questionnaire. After they've answered, then all the other guests have their chance to see who can "read the mind" of the test subject. Have them guess how the subject completed each phrase. The person who gets the most right wins.

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    Movie Picture Clues

    A scary hockey mask.
    DanBrandenburg/E+/Getty Images

    In this Halloween party game for adults, you'll need to set out a few items that can be tied together and associated with a Halloween movie. Which one of your guests can get the most right?

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    Blair Witch Short Films

    Young woman recording video
    hsyncoban / Getty Images

    Ask each guest to take their phone and film a very short confession or anxiety. Show them all together near the end of the party.

    Do you remember on Blair Witch when the girl got really close to the video camera and was super scared about her missing friend? That's what you're going for here.

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    Halloween Murder

    hooded monster with knife
    Nisian Hughes / Getty Images

    One of your guests is a secret murderer and it's up to everyone to figure out who it is. Adults will love this game and can really get into it? Who's going to be killed next? Can the secret murderer be stopped before everyone is killed?