25 Tea Party Ideas for a Fun Grown-Up Tea Party

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Teatime, anyone? Tea parties aren't just for kids—they're a great type of themed gathering for adults to enjoy, too! Whether you're celebrating a birthday or bride to be or are just looking to host friends around the table but don't wish to cook an entire meal, a tea party is an excellent choice.

When you're hosting friends for tea, ambiance is everything. Below are 25 ways to add some oomph to your next gathering. Pinkies up!

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    Take to the Floor

    casual tea party

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    There's no reason that your tea party has to be ultra formal. If you'd rather kick back with friends and lounge around, go for it! Set up a cute picnic-like setup on the floor and make things nice and cozy with pillows and blankets.

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    Offer Coffee

    tea and coffee mugs

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    Let's face it, as sweet as tea parties can be, not everyone is a tea drinker! Ensure that your guests are attended to by offering multiple beverage options and setting out coffee mugs next to their place settings, too.

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    Amp Up Your Menu

    tea sandwiches

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    While traditional cucumber tea sandwiches are quite lovely, there's no reason that your gathering can't feature a more contemporary menu and play to your guests' favorites. Why not go ahead and serve a miniature take on avocado toast or a mini bagel with lox, too? The more variety, the merrier, after all.

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    Break Out the Cake Stands

    cake stands

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    Cake stands aren't just for large cakes; they can be used to hold smaller bite-sized goodies, cookies, cupcakes, and the like. Grab a couple for an ultra-stylish setup.

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    Make Mini Desserts

    small sized desserts

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    One of the fun parts about a tea party is sampling a wide assortment of treats. Making single-serving desserts will allow guests to try a bit of everything—and we love using glassware to hold mini portions.

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    Add Some Accessories

    tea party centerpiece

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    Get into theme by setting out fancy accessories that will bring a smile to guests' faces. We love the idea of making a centerpiece that features pearl jewelry, romance novels, and other charming touches.

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    Add Some Glitz

    glam tablescape

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    Don't be afraid to incorporate some shiny touches on your tabletop! A pearl placemat and glimmering glassware sets the scene for a fancy afternoon in.

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    Repurpose a Teapot

    flowers in teapot

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    Create a gorgeous flower display by placing a few stems in a teapot for added cuteness. Your guests will definitely find this type of setup photo-worthy!

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    Serve Macarons

    macarons on tea tray

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    Add some Parisian flair to your afternoon tea with a tray of macarons. Guests will enjoy sampling different flavors and indulging in these bite-sized treats.

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    Head Outside

    tea party outside

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    There's no reason that your tea party has to take place indoors. If the weather is nice, set up shop on the patio and turn benches into a makeshift table.

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    Don't Forget the Balloons

    balloon letters

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    We love a good tea pun! Balloons aren't just for kids' parties, use them to spell out a fun phrase the next time you entertain. These are a perfect photo backdrop, too.

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    Make a Floral Centerpiece

    floral centerpiece

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    Use eucalyptus branches or other florals to create a centerpiece that will be the star of the show. Whether you're hosting indoors or out, incorporating this level of detail is always a winning choice.

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    Deck Out the Bar Cart

    bar cart with tea supplies

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    Turn your bar cart into a special supplies station the day of your tea party. It's a great place to set extra cups, napkins, and silverware for guests to grab.

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    Include Place Cards

    place cards on table

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    Placecards are always a classy addition to any tablescape. Whether you choose to handwrite yours in fancy calligraphy or simply use a fun marker, your guests will appreciate this personalized touch.

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    Use a Picnic Basket

    tea party picnic basket

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    If your tea party is outside on a hot day, don't be afraid to stash food in a picnic basket between courses. Opt for a vintage looking one for some extra personality and sweetness.

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    Scatter Your Vases

    small vases

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    Scatter vases around the table so that each guest is surrounded by fresh flowers. Mini vases can be purchased affordably at thrift stores and flea markets if you're in need of some extras pre-party.

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    Mix and Match

    mixing teacups

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    It's ok to mix and match when you set the table—if you don't have a complete tea set, you can combine different styles of teacups and saucers. It will make it easier for guests to remember which cup is theirs, anyway!

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    Set Out Extras

    tea and honey

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    Don't forget to set out the extras, like honey and lemon, when serving tea. Everyone will be able to customize their cuppa to their liking.

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    Pop the Champagne

    tea and champagne

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    If you wish to serve champagne at your adult tea party, by all means, go for it! Many tea rooms offer afternoon teas with a glass of champagne, so this is a great way to replicate that feel within your own home, if you feel like being extra celebratory.

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    Light It Up

    pink candles on table

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    Lighting candles during your tea party will make the gathering feel extra fancy and sophisticated. If you opt for candles in a fun hue to match your entertaining color scheme, even better.

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    Set Out Party Favors

    gift box

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    Party favors aren't just for little ones. Adults enjoy them too—think of something small yet chic—we like the idea of gifting a bath bomb, lip gloss, or travel sized candle, for example. Place the favor in a little box with a bow for added ambiance.

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    Ice, Ice, Baby

    tea glasses

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    Place tall cups for iced tea alongside traditional tea cups, especially if you're hosting on a hot day!

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    Flower Power

    flower centerpiece

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    Place flower vases in a row down the middle of your table to create a stunning centerpiece that will make a lasting impression.

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    Sky High

    balloon ceiling

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    Guests will be pleasntly surprised when they look up to the ceiling and spot balloons galore!

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    Stemware, Anyone?

    flower silverware

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    This setup gives a whole new meaning to the word "stemware!" Jazz up your silverware by placing a few flower stems inside each guest's napkin for a festive touch.