10 Advantages of Greek Life for College Students

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    You Learn About Giving Back

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    At the center of every Greek organization is philanthropy. As recently as 2014, Greek organizations across the country raised over $27 million to donate to organizations they support. Even more impressive, fraternities and sororities gave 4.8 million hours in service to those in need. Spending time doing good work for others is not just good for the recipients - it's good for those who do the work and raise the money, too. Learning about giving back is a big part of becoming a young adult.

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    You Create a Lifelong Networking Group

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    Greek life isn't just about making friends - it's also an excellent resource for networking in the working world. Fraternity brothers and sorority sisters make some of the best connections in business, and staying involved in alumni groups in your city or town can open doors to job opportunities that might have been missed otherwise. Even other sorority and fraternity house alumni can be a good connection if they are from your college. When job hunting, we all need as much help as we can get! 

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    Your Incentive to Study Increases

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    Fraternities and sororities sometimes are thought of as detrimental to getting good grades during college, but the reality is that the opposite is true. In order to remain in good standing in a Greek organization, college students are generally required to maintain a minimum GPA, and in most houses are encouraged to study and get good grades to improve the house's standing both on campus and nationally. Many of the nation's Panhellenic and interfraternity councils maintain strict...MORE guidelines as well. Sororities and fraternities have study sessions, tutoring, and awards for those who get the highest grades and GPA.  

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    On Campus Housing

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    Living in the sorority or fraternity house with sisters or brothers is an experience that goes hand in hand with Greek life. Just like in the dorms, friendships are made and cemented simply due to proximity and time spent together. There is no more bonding experience for Greeks than the time living with other fraternity or sorority members. Plus, the food is usually better than dorm food.

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    You Learn About Public Image

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    Being in a sorority or fraternity comes with responsibility. There are many opportunities for men and women to interact with the community as a representative of their Greek organizations. Some get involved in the university governing boards for Greek life, while others may connect on a deep level with the chosen philanthropy their house supports. Wearing the Greek letters of your fraternity or sorority is considered a privilege and is extended only to members upon initiation, and care and pride...MORE must be taken to present a positive image when doing so.

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    Commitment is Essential

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    Once you decide to go through rush, which is when you will meet members of the Greek organizations on your campus, you are making a commitment to whichever house you pledge. Sorority and fraternity life is full of commitments, including financial (dues, dances, clothing, etc), meeting attendance, activity participation and more. Though you can be in a sorority or fraternity and not spend much time at it, you will get little benefit without being involved.  

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    Resume Building

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    Employers love to see initiative and leadership on a resume, and holding an office in a sorority or fraternity is a great way to establish yourself in those ways. From president, which can be as taxing and time-consuming as a full-time job, to rush chair, who organizes every aspect of new member rush for their fraternity or sorority, there are plenty of jobs for all kinds of personalities. Taking on a leadership role in your Greek organization is a good way to get the feel for working in an...MORE organization with others who have strong opinions and possibly different ideas from you - great training for the real world.

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    A Place to Go for Help

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    Sororities and fraternities are made of of up to 100 or more college students with a variety of skills, talents, interests and backgrounds. Chances are if you are having a problem in a class, need someone to help with a computer problem, or need relationship advice, there will be someone in your brotherhood or sisterhood who can give advice or lend a hand.