50 Aesthetic Living Rooms That Are Oh-So-Cozy

Minimalist Living Room

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While the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, you could make a good case that it’s the living room. They are places for loved ones to gather—for movie nights, dinner parties, game days, and more. So, it’s only right that they’re made to be cozy havens. 

If the living room can be aesthetic, too, that’s all the better. This can mean different things for everyone—an “aesthetic” space is simply something that looks visually appealing and can be appreciated for its beauty, whether it’s contemporary, farmhouse style, or anything in between. Craving inspiration? Check out these 50 beautiful living room ideas, ahead.

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    Ambient Living Room

    Living Room

    Afro Bohemian Living

    Ambient lighting is a sure way to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. This space by Afro Bohemian Living features staggered candles, a mushroom lamp, and lotus light to set the scene. It's all set in a neutral palette with natural materials to ground the senses.

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    Contemporary Living Room

    Living Room

    Alvin Wayne

    With stunning views, it's always fun to play into the theme and go for grandeur. This space is outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows, a dark velvet sofa, and plush fur throws, as well as a marble coffee table and statement overhead lighting.

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    Rustic Living Room

    Rustic Living Room

    Amber Pierce Designs

    Farmhouse style works wonders to create a sense of hominess. This snug room is set in a neutral palette, with pops of brown to play off the exposed beams on the ceiling. Chunky seats, wood tones, and ceramics all help to bring in the earthy feel.

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    Elegant Living Room

    Living Room

    Interior Impressions

    Opulent fabrics are great to juxtapose with more natural ones. In this space, for instance, a blue velvet table is contrasted against linen sofas. Sleek cabinets and brass hardware also help to add elegance.

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    Organic Living Room

    Living Room

    Ann Living

    Another grounding space, this living room takes nature more literally with bird-of-paradise wallpaper and lots of plants. A slatted and beamed ceiling offers texture, while a generous sectional allows for plenty of seating.

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    Desert Living Room

    Living Room

    Arbor & Co.

    Transport yourself to a desert in this living room, complete with a cowhide rug, nature-inspired decor, and patchwork fabrics. Two small sofas do the trick, set in a darker tone for the pillows to pop against.

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    Neutral Living Room

    Living Room

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    It never hurts to stick to the classics. This beautiful room has simple touches like gingham curtains and pillows, a neutral palette, and wicker baskets—but all elements weave together to create a sumptuous, snug atmosphere.

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    Lofty Living Room

    Living Room

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    If you're blessed with ceilings this high, why not take full advantage? A massive light fixture hangs over the living area here, drawing the eyes up and highlighting the arched windows. Low-profile furniture exacerbates the illusion, with a leather sofa, blue armchairs, and hefty wood table adorning the floors beneath.

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    Light-Filled Living Room

    Living Room

    Beauty Is Abundant

    Arched bay windows encircle the living room, allowing abundant light to pour into this space. To amp up the elegance, the ceiling is caved in with a chandelier peeking through. Light-colored furniture helps capture the light, making the space feel more airy and fresh.

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    Moody Living Room

    Living Room

    Becca Interiors

    On the flip side, you can always go moody. This space is warmed up with a variety of seating options, from stunning leather seats to wooden recliners and lengthy sofas. A cozy rug balances the dark room with lighter tones and softer textures.

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    Playful Living Room

    Living Room

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photography By Andrea Pietrangeli, Bowler Lane Films

    Color never fails to liven up a space. This room starts with a blue base rug, and then layers a grey sofa with pops of yellow and fuchsia. Most notable, perhaps, are the window treatments which feature elaborate lush artistry.

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    Outdoor Living Room

    Living Area

    Blanco Bungalow

    If you have space, a backyard is a perfect spot to let your creative gears churn. This space is set in a deserty, laid-back style complete with a fringe umbrella and rug, hanging rattan chair, and plenty of plants.

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    Airy Living Room

    Living Room

    Blue Copper Design

    Mixing materials is a great way to create a layered look. This living room opts for a cozy throw atop a sectional, as well as a combination of metals and woods for visual interest. A leather seat alongside adds sophistication.

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    Curated Living Room

    Living Room

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Velvet seats, elaborate frames, and a sculptural table combine to bring to life this artistic living room. Additional touches like patterned curtains, french doors, and polka-dot throw pillows top it off with lots of character.

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    Woodsy Living Room

    Living Room

    Britt Design Studio

    Wood walls work wonders to warm up a room. This space is coated in a walnut-hued pick on all four sides, with molded ceilings for a luxurious yet grounded feel. The harder textures are balanced out with softer ones in the carpet, seating, and ceramics.

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    Pastel Living Room

    Living Room

    Dazey Den

    This space is proof that everything is prettier in pink. A long deep sectional and pastel walls are adorned with playful decor, including abstract artwork, fringe pillows, and a patterned rug for the feet. Glass and brass act as the main accents to balance the color out with simplicity.

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    Textured Living Room

    Living Room

    Brophy Interiors

    For ultimate coziness, this space plays with texture—from wood-paneled walls to a fluffy checkered rug to a brass pendant and more. Lots of family photos are highlighted on a gallery wall to create a sweet and homey vibe.

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    Minimalist Living Room

    Living Room

    Burchard Design Co.

    This living room embraces its height, outfitted in milky paint and a statement chandelier to draw the eye up and make the space feel more expansive. The furniture and decor are kept minimal in a neutral palette with pops of gold.

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    Pared-Back Living Room

    Living Room

    Calimia Home

    With the right tones and textures, a space can totally put you at ease. This one, for instance, is washed with light tones and sunlight. It's brightened further with cream seats, white wood, and delicate lighting. The soft curves and cozy textures ground and add warmth.

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    Vibrant Living Room

    Living Room

    Casa Watkins Living

    Tropical hues abound in this living room, with sunny curtains and lighting providing a dose of joy. A lush green sectional plays off the plants, and is perched atop a patterned turquoise rug to keep with the seaside palette. Don't miss the brick accent wall adjacent to the blue wall—the two surfaces meld together so well.

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    Open Living Room

    Living Room

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Soft curves and soothing hues bring ease into this living room. With a wall of windows flooding in light, the open-concept space is made to feel even more expansive and free-flowing. Note the circular shapes appearing throughout—from rug motifs to coffee tables and lighting—to create cohesion.

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    Contemporary Living Room

    Living Rooms

    Charbonneau Interiors

    Clean lines and traditional furniture ground this modern living room. A built-in wooden console houses the TV in a pretty package, surrounded by neutral decor to match the surrounding space. More robust features, like a sculptural lamp and hurricanes, round it out with glamor.

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    Coastal Living Room

    Living Room

    Chelius House of Design

    Beachy tones proliferate this space, complete with a layered jute rug, fringe pillows, and organic materials. An ocean-inspired palette appears throughout as well, with pops of blue, yellow, and sand to hone in on the theme.

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    Scandinavian Living Room

    Living Room

    Corner House Creatives

    If you dread clutter, Scandinavian design might just be the best route for your living room. This space, for instance, leaves its walls almost entirely bare aside from some minimalist artwork atop the fireplace. Low-profile chunky seats bring in coziness, while sheer drapes keep things feeling airy.

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    Bright Living Room

    Living Room

    Cottage and Sea

    The southwest comes into full effect in this living room, embellished with fringe leather pillows, cacti, and a lacy rattan floor lamp. A camel sofa is the perfect centerpiece to work around, providing a base of brown to play off of and even match with the fireplace.

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    Earthy Living Room

    Living Room

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    A living room becomes instantly soothing and grounded with organic touches, like a potted tree, muted tones, and natural materials. This space balances out its earthiness with elegance using contemporary silhouettes and bulbous pottery.

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    Whimsical Living Room

    Living Room

    Dekay & Tate

    If you're more of a maximalist, a living room is such a fun space to let loose. This one is embellished with pinks and blues—among other vibrant hues. Standouts include a woven aqua chandelier dripping from the ceiling, embroidered curtains, and a carpeted curvy coffee table.

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    Quirky Living Room

    Living Room

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    On the flip side, you can always go for a soft look. This living room achieves the look with soft curvy lines (seen in the spherical pillows and funky base) along with soft pastel hues scattered throughout. Fun artwork on the walls as well as a striped rug add character and depth.

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    Warm Living Room

    Living Room

    Design by Emily Bowser / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Hints of the southwest come through in this living room, complete with a classic midcentury Eames-style chair, low-profile couch, and floral motif shag rug. The warm hues are contrasted with bright white walls and open airy windows.

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    Dark Living Room

    Living Room

    Design by Velinda Hellen for EHD / Photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    A living room feels so much more intimate and cozy when coated in black. Take notes from this space, which is set in an inky hue, with pops of gold and an electric blue sofa to create contrast and vibrancy. Further warmth is imbued with a Moroccan-style pouf and rug.

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    Soft Living Room

    Living Room

    Erin Williamson Design

    Who said pink can't be a neutral? Point in case: this living room. Swathed in a warm blush, it veers away from being overly kitschy as it's balanced out with warm cream tones, hints of blue, and gold accents—seen in the pendant above, sconces, and even the candlesticks.

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    Milky Living Room

    Living Room

    Esther Schmidt

    A blank white canvas is left airy and bright in this living room, complete with oaky accents on the coffee table, pouf, and rattan pendant in the corner. It's not left feeling stale, though: plenty of layering with blankets, rugs, and pillows makes it still feel snug and cozy.

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    Global Living Room

    Living Room

    Finding Lovely

    Playing with warmth, this living room is imbued with sunny hues like orange and yellow, and rounded out with subtle blue tones for a coastal palette. Global touches are introduced in the photography gallery wall above the couch, complete with scenes from India to Egypt to Portugal.

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    Extravagant Living Room

    Living Room

    Forbes + Masters

    Replete with artwork, from paintings to sculptures and more, this living room expertly melds artistry and comfort. A rounded low-profile sectional centers the space, with a gray color scheme offering a perfect base for pops of color to shine through.

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    Modern Living Room

    Living Room

    Gray Space Interiors

    There's no shortage of contemporary elements in this living room. The lofty ceilings are highlighted with floor-to-ceiling curtains. Meanwhile, an elegant palette of red, black, and white takes center stage. Other touches like a modern chandelier, black-stained wood, and a clean-lined fireplace hone in the aesthetic.

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    Cabin-Style Living Room

    Living Room

    Hannah Tyler Designs

    Coated in wood paneling, this cabin-style living space is made instantly warm and inviting. Mixed materials—like a leather seat, plush sectional, and patterned rug—add style while the walls are mostly left bare for the chalet feel to come through.

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    Tuxedo Living Room

    Living Room

    Home and Spirit

    A black-and-white palette never disappoints. This living room takes on the aesthetic with greyed-out photography, two-toned pillows, a long-legged floor lamp, and a bohemian-style rug. For contrast, some walnut accents in the table and chair legs are introduced. Plus, floating shelves offer a fun yet organized way to showcase family portraits.

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    Western Living Room

    Living Room

    Home by Polly

    Rich browns and organic materials come together for a perfectly-curated desert aesthetic in this space. A deep leather sofa is framed above by a gallery wall with landscape photography and a classic longhorn figurehead. A ladder shelf stacked with trinkets and dried grass tops off the theme.

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    Breezy Living Room

    Living Room

    Julian Porcino

    Set in a classic California-cool style, this living room boasts natural touches like a jute rug, light woods, and a fiddle leaf fig. The space is left open to make way for the foldaway glass doors behind, which lead to a breezy yard. Note how the neutral tones ground this living room: because of all the color outside, the palette benefits from more organic hues to balance it out.

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    Autumnal Living Room

    Fall Living Room

    Homestead Living Room

    Updating your space seasonally always makes things feel fresh. This living room embraces the spirit of fall, adorned with orange pom-poms, faux pumpkins, and holly dripping over the fireplace. A rustic ladder and cozy throw pillows complete the vibe.

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    Expansive Living Room

    Living Room

    House 9 Interiors

    A large living room can quickly feel vacuous or cold if not properly furnished. But this space steers clear of that problem by showcasing an abundance of textures, warm tones, and layering. There are plenty of seating options, from a bench to armchairs to a snug sectional. Meanwhile, two lengthy coffee tables, big potted trees, and credenzas occupy the rest of the room.

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    Japandi Living Room

    Living Room

    House of Chais

    If you want the living room to feel like a breath of fresh air, Japandi style will do the trick. Melding Japanese and Scandinavian designs, this style touts a minimalist look with lots of earthy materials, imperfect lines, and warm wood tones. Highlights in this space include an inky blob-shaped table and arched shelving in the back.

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    Laidback Living Room

    Living Room

    House of Harvee

    This Melbourne living room has that signature beachy, laid-back feel. It's achieved with a lacy rattan pendant, sandy-and sunset-hued seating, as well as sheer drapes to pour in lots of light. The chairs are made extra cozy with plush cushions pouring over the armrests as well as bulky pillows perfect to snuggle up against.

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    Glowy Living Room

    Living Room

    JC Designs

    Why opt for a traditional couch when you can lounge like this? JC Designs' living room features seats that are essentially all cushion—no legs or armrests—for ultimate relaxation. Bits of magic are brought in with a deep oaky coffee table, marbly fireplace, and scattered glowy light.

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    Leafy Living Room

    Living Room

    Jenna Pablo Studio

    A living room turns into a sanctuary in this space, thanks to a low-profile cream sectional (which can fit all the family members), a mahogany-framed fireplace, and a shag rug. Further softness comes in with a serene landscape photo and arched floor lamp.

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    Natural Living Room

    Living Room

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Simple yet sophisticated is the name of the game in this living space. Nature-inspired tones—like the browns of tree bark, greens of leaves, and blues of water—are scattered throughout. Meanwhile, unique elements like a carved wooden coffee table (which shows the original grain and holes) add character.

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    Regal Living Room

    Living Room

    Jk Interior Living

    Glam accents bring to life this living room, with brass accents showcased on the coffee table and side tables—which even feature marbled bases for more luxury. A tufted sofa clad in grey velvet softens it all so that the room still feels comfortable and inviting. Meanwhile, gold-framed paintings and a chunky leather seat top it all off.

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    Silver Living Room

    Living Room

    JLA Designs

    Don't forget the bling! Staying true to today's '70s revival, a disco ball-inspired pillow decorates this rounded cream couch. Playing off the silver, a cowhide-style rug, armchair, and credenza are all set in gray. Notice that the color theme even extends to the ceiling, which is coated in patterned black-and-white wallpaper.

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    Layered Living Room

    Living Room

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Settled among the trees, this space takes notes from its surroundings to create a peaceful atmosphere. Special elements like a ladder to hang blankets, tall candlesticks atop the fireplace, and a loose fabric-strewn chair make the space stand out.

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    Intimate Living Room

    Living Room

    Kateryna Gonchar

    Hygge style and living rooms are a match made in heaven. The Danish's way of creating coziness, hygge is all about melding minimalism with comforting colors and textures. This space, for instance, is swathed in a neutral palette, plush fabrics, and soothing wood accents. A Noguchi-style lamp tops it off for the perfect ambiance.

What Makes a Living Room Look Aesthetic?

An "aesthetic" room can take many shapes and forms depending on your style preferences. The main goal is to create a space that is visually satisfying. Typically, this involves a color theme or story (think: a primary color along with two or three accent colors) so that the palette feels cohesive. In a living room, this usually means the primary color will appear on your walls and couch, while the accent colors will come through in pieces like throw pillows, rugs, and curtains. You'll also want to consider textures—veer away from too many similar fabrics and instead opt for a mix of materials so that there is contrast and depth. Another key element of aesthetic spaces is balance. Rather than going fully maximalist or minimalist, these types of rooms straddle the line with a harmony of white or uncluttered space alongside more decorated sections. Lively touches, like houseplants and ambient lighting, help to top off the theme.

What Colors Make a Living Room Feel Cozy?

There are plenty of palettes that make a space feel cozy, but a common theme is to keep the primary color more neutral or muted and allow the accent colors to add punch and character. For a warm and inviting atmosphere, brown undertones like khaki, walnut, cream, and flax work well as a base color. The options are quite expansive from there: these neutrals can be topped with hues ranging from honey to slate blue to peach and more. On the other hand, monochromatic color schemes can naturally create a snug atmosphere, too. Layering different tones of the same color, the effect is instantly soothing. Think of all-neutral shades, a tonal gray look, or layers of brown.

What Elements Create a Cozy Atmosphere?

Texture is a key way to imbue coziness into a space. Classically plush fabrics like boucle, velvet, and sheepskin are always sure bets. Although, natural materials like jute, linen, and rattan juxtapose beautifully against them while also adding lots of warmth with their neutral-to-brown undertones. Overly minimalist decorating can feel cold and vacuous. So, it's important to have ample elements to fill up the living room without feeling overwhelming. This can look like many seating options (sofas, armchairs, and poufs), as well as layered rugs, lengthy drapes, throw pillows, and more. Then, it's time to think about the jewelry of the room: lighting. To create a cozy vibe, layered, soft lighting does the trick. So, opt for items like rice-paper lanterns, frosted glass lamps, and diffusing lamp shades to set the mood. Top things off with candlelight, plants, and artwork for more character and comfort.