21 Aesthetic Room Ideas That Are Super Cozy

Design your next dreamy bedroom with trendy ideas for all aesthetic styles

aesthetic bedroom


Aesthetic rooms are having a major moment right now, and we're all for it! Popular especially among TikTok users, aesthetic rooms are characterized by the presence of greenery (think plants or hanging vines, both real or faux), muted colors (neutrals and pinks are most common), and fun light fixtures (think LED strands or string lights).

What Does "Aesthetic" Mean?

The term "aesthetic," when used in the decor examples featured on TikTok, Instagram, and other image-based sites, refers to any attractive room style that makes use of truly personal touches that are also "on-trend." Thus, the term means more than just "pleasing in appearance." For TikTok and Instagram enthusiasts, "aesthetic" can apply to a room of any style, but personal expression and trend-setter timeliness will always be just as important as the classic standards for visual appeal.

Personal expression plays a major role in what is deemed aesthetic, as there are so many different design styles to draw from," TikTok user and design enthusiast Emily Shaw explains. Many aesthetic rooms also incorporate personal touches like photo collages, printed photographs, and art prints. Looking to bring the design into your own space? Look no further than the 21 inspiring aesthetic bedrooms below.

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    Calming Pink

    pink bedroom

    Gaby / Instagram

    When in doubt, try an accent wall! This pale pink looks gorgeous in Instagrammer Gaby's otherwise neutral bedroom. Plants are a key component of aesthetic rooms, and what better way to display them than on a floating shelf? Dried pampas grass is also a glam touch and will last much longer than a traditional bouquet of flowers, making it a low maintenance fave.

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    Tear It Up

    aesthetic bedroom

    Isabella / Instagram

    Wall collages like Instagrammer Isabella's are a key component of aesthetic rooms and are easy and budget-friendly to recreate in your own space. Simply go through your collection of magazines and tear out pages that inspire you. Bonus points if you're able to stick to a particular color scheme, which will help make the setup look sleek.

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    Soothng Smell

    plants in aesthetic room

    Ren / Instagram

    Eucalyptus adds a soothing touch to any space and lasts for weeks on end, making it a worthwhile addition to your room. Feel free to layer in different types of plants within your space, like Instagrammer Ren did, it will add a collected, cozy feel.

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    Terrific Texture

    pink pillows gray bedroom

    Joanne / Instagram

    Experiment with different textures like Instagrammer Joanne did to make a space feel more elevated. Here, feathered pillows and a funky light fixture pair wonderfully with traditional quilted bedding. And mixing in new patterns is fair game, too. Who can resist those spotted sheets?

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    Magical Moon

    moon phase garland aesthetic room

    Laura / Instagram

    We see moon phase garlands in many aesthetic rooms, and Instagrammer Laura's is no exception. This accent piece looks great when hung over a bed but could also be installed above a desk or dresser. Laura also created a small gallery wall above her bed, which brings extra personality to her space.

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    Plenty of Pep

    bright aesthetic room

    Elise / Instagram

    Instagrammer Elise's room features brighter colors than we see in many aesthetic rooms, and her vibrant bedspread is just too good to resist! Her space also features a pink accent wall that anchors the room, and a floating shelf serves as a cheerful focal point.

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    Plant Perch

    plant bedroom

    Dorina / Instagram

    Give your windowsill some love by using it as a makeshift home for your plants as Instagrammer Dorina did. The more, the merrier! Windowsills also make for excellent places to set a stack of books, an alarm clock, or even a jewelry dish.

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    Simple Sheets

    aesthetic room with plants hanging up


    Keep it simple—nothing is more zen than white bedding, as Instagrammer Astrid's space proves. Plants in woven hanging baskets add warmth to even the most stark of spaces and are a happy compromise for those who aren't too crazy about color but want to add some life to their bedroom.

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    Cozy Cushions

    string lights aesthetic

    McKenna / Instagram

    String lighting plus rumpled, lived in bedding equals the recipe for a cozy aesthetic room. Make like Instagrammer McKenna and add a personal touch to your bed area by taping up photos of all of your faves.

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    Fun Phrase

    moon phase garland

    Alyssa / Instagram

    No aesthetic room is going to feature over the top word art, but a simple, motivational phrase is a go, as we see in Instagrammer Alyssa's bedroom. Her orange bedding makes a major statement, too.

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    Fan Favorite

    boho accents aesthetic room

    Krystal / Instagram

    Soft shag carpet and a cushy rattan seat are always fan favorites and blend together perfectly in the aesthetic room that Instagrammer Krystal designed for her teenage daughter. And how cool is the fan turned art piece that's hung above the bed?

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    Neat and Neutral

    neutral plants aesthetic bedroom


    Blogger Molly's bedroom is a neutral-lover's haven. While she didn't incorporate a ton of different colors into the space, she got creative with shapes, heights, and textures.

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    Cat Nap

    green aesthetic room

    Alicia / Instagram

    Alicia's room is so cozy that even her pets can't stay away! She also hung vines above her bed, which are a common characteristic of aesthetic rooms and make the space feel dreamy and garden-like.

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    Beautiful Brick

    brick wall aesthetic room

    Victoria Wagner

    Blogger Victoria Wagner's bedroom features a stunning exposed brick wall—which was actually a DIY! Blacks, whites, and some wood tones (along with plants, of course!) also make her space look nice and sophisticated.

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    Disco Dreams

    disco ball in aesthetic room

    Elsa / Instagram

    In Instagrammer Elsa's room, light dances while being reflected from a disco ball tucked away in the corner. Disco balls are an affordable way to add a vintage touch to a space and always yield compliments!

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    Sparkle and Shine

    aesthetic bedroom


    Of course, if disco balls aren't your thing, normal string lights will add a magical touch to any space, too. Instagrammer Herzen Stimme added them to her daughter's room, where they sparkle and shine above the head of her bed and zig-zagging behind a sheet hanging from the ceiling like an indoor 'grammable night sky.

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    Color Lover

    pinks and oranges aesthetic room

    Kaitlin / Instagram

    Instagrammer Kailtin's room features mini rugs of all sizes, pops of plants, and a peppy mix of pink and orange textiles, making it a welcoming spot to unwind.

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    Modern Minimalist

    simple aesthetic room

    Anysia / Instagram

    Instagrammer Anysia's bedroom is ultra minimal and light-filled. Lamps with exposed Edison bulbs make for an artful, sleek choice.

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    Light it Up

    plant and light display

    Lindsay / Instagram

    Instagrammer Lindsay combined two key aesthetic room components—plants and string lights—to create a stunning display to hang above her daughter's bed. We bet it's ultra soothing to stare at while dozing off.

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    Vine Time

    vines and string lights aesthetic room

    Deborah / Instagram

    Who can resist hanging vines? Many aesthetic rooms, like the one Deborah designed for her daughter, incorporate this fun feature behind the bed. Combined with white lights, the faux vines are ultra dreamy.

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    Rockin' Rattan

    neutral aesthetic room

    Leah / Instagram

    Rattan, faux palm leaves, and muted colors bring the fun in Instagrammer Leah's bedroom. Using a tray table instead of a regular nightstand keeps the space feeling cool and casual.

  • How do you decorate a room in aesthetic decor?

    Items that are prominent in aesthetic decorating include vines, string lights, LED strands, disco balls, rattan, hanging plants in macrame hangers, and photo wall collages.

  • What are some aesthetic decor styles?

    Some aesthetic room styles include Shabby Chic, The Minimalist, Bohemian, Cottagecore, Dark Academia, Light Academia, and Grunge.

  • What is cottagecore aesthetic?

    Think rural living, the English countryside, earth tones, floral wallpaper prints, cozy quilts, lacy doilies, fresh or dried flowers, vintage farmhouse furniture, and you've got a picture of cottagecore