21 Aesthetic Room Ideas That Are Super Cozy

Design your bedroom with on-trend ideas in a range of aesthetic styles

Three quarter view of a bedroom with aesthetic room decor

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

Aesthetic rooms are having a major moment. Popular especially among TikTok users, aesthetic rooms are characterized by the presence of greenery (think plants or hanging vines, both real or faux); muted colors (neutrals and pinks are most common); and fun light fixtures (like LED strands or string lights).

What Does "Aesthetic" Mean?

The term "aesthetic," when used in the decor examples featured on TikTok, Instagram, and other image-based websites, refers to any attractive room style that makes use of truly personal touches that are also "on-trend." Thus, the term means more than just "pleasing in appearance." For TikTok and Instagram enthusiasts, "aesthetic" can apply to a room of any style, but personal expression and trend-setter timeliness will always be just as important as the classic standards for visual appeal.

"Personal expression plays a major role in what is deemed aesthetic, as there are so many different design styles to draw from," TikTok user and design enthusiast Emily Shaw says. Many aesthetic rooms also incorporate personal touches like photo collages, printed photographs, and art prints.

Looking to bring the trend into your own space? Look no further than the aesthetic bedrooms below.

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    Add Calming Pink Tones

    aesthetic room

    @gabysbohohome / Instagram

    When in doubt, try an accent wall. This pale pink adds warmth in an otherwise neutral bedroom. Plants are a key component of aesthetic rooms, and what better way to display them than on a floating shelf? Dried pampas grass is also a glam touch and will last much longer than a traditional bouquet of flowers, making it a low-maintenance fave.

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    Stock Up on Candles

    battery operated candles

    @lottaaliving / Instagram

    Candles are also a must for any aesthetic room, whether they're real or battery operated. Scatter a few on your nightstand, dresser, desk, or anywhere else that could use a little bit of ambiance. If you have a nonworking fireplace in your room, you can always fill the insert with candles as well to fake the look of a roaring fire.

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    Tear It Up

    aesthetic bedroom

    @bellazogheib / Instagram

    Wall collages are a key component of aesthetic rooms. This budget-friendly idea is easy to recreate in your own space. Simply go through your collection of magazines, tear out pages that inspire you, and arrange them on the wall. Bonus points if you're able to stick to a particular color scheme, which will help make the setup look sleek.

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    Add Natural Scents

    aesthetic room

    @daily.ren / Instagram

    This room layers in different types of plants to create a collected, cozy feel. Fresh eucalyptus adds a subtle scent that will last for weeks. Let it dry naturally in the vase and it will keep for months.

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    Layer In Texture

    aesthetic room

    @turning_number2_into_new_ / Instagram

    Experiment with different textures to make a space feel more elevated and layered. In this room, dyed pink sheepskin pillows and a feathered pendant light pair wonderfully with traditional quilted bedding. And mixing in new patterns is fair game, too. Who can resist those spotted sheets?

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    Spell It Out in Neon

    neon sign above bed

    @knackeredmavis / Instagram

    By no means are neon signs solely for commercial spaces. Neon lights are an excellent way to customize an aesthetic room, and the options are endless when it comes to choosing what to spell out. Whether you opt for your name, a favorite quote or phrase, or meaningful song lyrics, your neon design is sure to be the star of the show in your sleep space.

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    Take a Moon Shot

    aesthetic room

    @inmimisgarden / Instagram

    Moon phase garlands are a fixture in many aesthetic rooms. This accent piece looks great when hung over a bed but could also be installed above a desk or dresser. In this atmospheric bedroom, a small gallery wall above the bed adds more personality.

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    Pep It Up

    aesthetic room

    @makemynewbuildpretty / Instagram

    This room features brighter colors than we see in many aesthetic rooms, with a vibrant bedspread, a pink accent wall that anchors the room, and a floating display shelf that serves as a cheerful focal point.

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    Work the Corners

    corner wall shelves

    @mydecorworld1 / Instagram

    Make use of the corners of your room and use them to hang up little wall shelves, plants, or both. Even if your bedroom is small, you can still embrace the aesthetic look by getting creative with square footage.

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    Green the Windowsill

    plant bedroom

    @plantenstek / Instagram

    This windowsill is a makeshift home for a collection of plants. Windowsills also make for excellent places to set a stack of books, an alarm clock, or even a jewelry dish.

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    Keep It Zen

    aesthetic room

    @astrid.huetti / Instagram

    Keep it simple—nothing is more zen than white bedding. Plants in woven hanging baskets add warmth to even the most stark of spaces and are a happy compromise for those who aren't too crazy about color but want to add some life to their bedroom.

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    Utilize Lots of Textural Pieces

    textures in bedroom

    @suad_aziz / Instagram

    Incorporating various textures into your bedroom will make it feel extra cozy and will add interest to an all neutral color palette. Hang a macrame plant holder on the wall, toss a knit blanket on your bed, and display some dried flowers to get started.

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    Don't Skimp on Lighting Options

    table lamp and string lights

    @travelistamum / Instagram

    Aesthetic rooms are all about creating ambiance. By picking up table lamps, string lights, and fixtures of that nature, you'll be able to read and relax in bed without the harsh glare of an overhead light.

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    Add a Photo Wall

    aesthetic room

    @mkennajoe / Instagram

    String lights plus rumpled, lived-in bedding is a winning recipe for a cozy aesthetic room. Add a personal touch to your bed area by turning your headboard into a photo wall.

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    Spell It Out

    aesthetic room

    @brighteyesanddreamyspaces / Instagram

    No aesthetic room is going to feature over-the-top word art, but a simple, motivational phrase is a go. Vibrant orange bedding makes a major statement, too.

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    Stay Neutral

    neutral plants aesthetic bedroom

    Almost Makes Perfect

    This bedroom is a neutral-lover's haven, with plenty of shapes, heights, and textures to keep the space interesting despite the low key palette.

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    Fan It Out

    aesthetic room

    @houseofharvee / Instagram

    Soft shag carpet and rattan seating are fan favorites that blend together perfectly in this aesthetic room designed for a teenage girl. And how cool is the fan turned art piece that's hung above the bed?

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    Add Faux Vines

    aesthetic room

    @alisizzle / Instagram

    The vines strung up above this pet-friendly bed are a common characteristic of aesthetic rooms and make the space feel dreamy and complement the garden-themed bedding.

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    Get Ready in Style

    string lights on mirror

    @willow_and_the_crystal_moon / Instagram

    Make getting ready for the day feel a bit more fun and glamorous by wrapping a strand of string lights around your vanity mirror, too. Bonus: They'll make those essential OOTD selfies really shine as well.

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    Add a DIY Brick Feature

    brick wall aesthetic room

    Ou La Vix

    This bedroom includes a DIY brick wall that adds texture and complements the black, white, and beige palette. Wood tones and plants add warmth.

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    Let It Sparkle

    aesthetic room

    @elsahome / Instagram

    Disco balls are an affordable way to add a retro touch to a space and always yield compliments. Here, a disco ball tucked away in the corner makes the light dance around the room.

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    Add Cozy Touches

    soft touches in bedroom

    @fleurrell / Instagram

    Soften up your everyday furniture pieces by adding cozy touches to make your room more inviting and laid back. Place a soft cushion on your desk chair to make working or completing homework a bit more comfortable, layer pillows of all sizes on your bed to make catching ZZZs extra pleasant, and don't forget to set out a knit rug to add color to your space (and keep those feet happy).

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    Use Warm Lighting

    aesthetic bedroom

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    If disco balls aren't your thing, standard string lights will add a magical touch to any space, too. In this bedroom, they sparkle and shine above the bed and zig-zag behind a sheet hanging from the ceiling like an indoor 'grammable night sky.

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    Embrace Color

    aesthetic room

    @kspring / Instagram

    A collection of small rugs, pops of greene, and a peppy mix of pink and orange textiles makes this a welcoming spot to unwind.

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    Stay Minimalist

    aesthetic room

    @anysiaalice / Instagram

    This bedroom is ultra minimal, with bare walls that showcase the shadows from a nearby window, and an exposed Edison bulb lamp that adds an industrial edge.

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    Light it Up

    aesthetic room

    @whimsygirldesign / Instagram

    This room combines two key aesthetic room components—plants and string lights—to create a stunning display to hang above the bed that invites sweet dreams.

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    Climb the Walls

    aesthetic room

    @the doormouse / Instagram

    Who can resist hanging vines? Many aesthetic rooms incorporate this fun feature behind the bed. Combined with white lights, the faux vines are ultra dreamy.

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    Accent with Rattan

    aesthetic room

    @the.weavers.residence / Instagram

    Rattan accents, faux palm leaves, and muted colors bring the fun in this bedroom. Using a tray table instead of a regular nightstand keeps the space feeling cool and casual.

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    Layer Garlands Above the Bed

    vines and moon phase garland above bed

    @rachs_home_n_life / Instagram

    Why should you have to choose between a moon phase garland and some vines? Hang both if you wish—and add some twinkly lights while you're at it to complete the look. Headboards can be expensive, so if you're unable to purchase a new one, try these hacks. These are all simple ways to spice up a plain headboard to make it appear more aesthetic.

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    Keep it Chill

    cozy aesthetic room with bed unmade

    @safranzimtundhonig / Instagram

    Aesthetic rooms are meant to be laid back and inviting—so don't fuss about making the bed perfectly or ensuring that things are put away just so. The more carefree, the better, in these types of spaces.

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    Let Plants Float

    real vines above bed

    @deborah_sweethome / Instagram

    Fake hanging vines are great, but real plants will do the job, too! Install a floating shelf above your bed (be sure to place it high up if your plants are already sizable or to allow room for them to grow) and enjoy falling asleep in your own little jungle every evening.

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    Hang Lots of Lights Behind the Bed

    string light headboard

    @eddieterrace / Instagram

    A thick strand of hanging lights like this one serves many functions. It makes it easy to read or study in bed without turning on an overhead light, it acts as artwork, and it eliminates the need for a pricy headboard! If you wish, you can simply push your bed up against the wall and allow sparkly strands to do the rest.

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    Keep It Simple Yet Personal

    aesthetic room with neon lights

    @citychicdecor / Instagram

    Aesthetic rooms generally do not feature bulky furniture pieces, so streamline your setup by hanging wall sconces (no need for a large nightstand with a sizable table lamp) and cut the excess clutter. To ensure that your room style reflects your personality, though, work in some thoughtful accent pieces that speak to you. A statement mirror, neon sign, or curvy chair—or all of the above—will certainly do the trick.

  • How do you decorate a room in aesthetic decor?

    Items that are prominent in aesthetic decorating include vines, string lights, LED strands, disco balls, rattan, hanging plants in macrame hangers, and photo wall collages.

  • What are some aesthetic decor styles?

    Some aesthetic room styles include shabby chic, the minimalist, bohemian, cottagecore, dark academia, and grunge.

  • What is cottagecore aesthetic?

    Think rural living, the English countryside, earth tones, floral wallpaper prints, cozy quilts, lacy doilies, fresh or dried flowers, vintage farmhouse furniture, and you've got a picture of cottagecore