20 Items Under $50 to Instantly Add Color to Your Home

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Colorful kitchen with Spruce image treatment

The Spruce / Casa Watkins Living

Craving a little color in your space? Don't be timid when it comes to breaking out a more saturated array of hues as options are almost endless. Regardless of whether you abide by a neutrals-only policy when you're shopping around for decor, or gravitate towards all-white rooms, it's not uncommon to have a change of heart about color. So whether you're a fan of maximalism, simply looking to spruce up a minimalist room, or fall somewhere in between, these items will call your attention and provide a fun focal point in any home.

Monday Moose Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Cushion Cases

Colorful throw pillows


Pillows perk up a space instantaneously. A multi-colored set takes this to another level. Although the set comes in wildly different shades, the tones work well together and the velvet and bold trim make them even more of a stunning statement piece.

Lalisu Industrial Floor Lamp

Aqua lamp


Rethink your light sources and rather than opting for neutral tones or metallic finishes, try a flashy color. Because of this one's simple silhouette, it's not over the top but the bright aqua hue sure beats its basic gold and silver counterparts.

Spaomy Knit Throw Blanket With Tassels

Yellow throw blanket


Liven up a white accent chair or simple bedspread with the help of a bold throw blanket. It'll visually and physically warm up a room and anyone dwelling in it. And textiles like this are simple to switch out for different seasons or occasions.

OAPRIRE Small Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves

OAPRIRE Small Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves


Even in all-white rooms, a pop of color is essential. Rather than taking on a huge paint job or buying new furniture, acrylic shelves in electric hues feel modern and splashy without needing a hefty time or financial investment.

Abbittar Ceramic Vase Set of 3

Colorful vases


Bookshelves and tabletops never fail to appear more vibrant and put-together than when a vase gets involved. Style these pastel-toned options together or in separate areas for a pinch of color that's not too bright but far livelier than a neutral.

Tiffasea Entryway Rug 2'x4'

Blue patterned rug


Look to your floor for the perfect place to add a pop of color. Area rugs are superb for this purpose. Grab one in a flashy pattern or a hue that jumps out from the other colors around it.

Yui Brooklyn Big Knot Shaped Candle

Knot candle

Urban Outfitters

Nothing stands out more than a decorative object that combines a unique shape with a vivid color, as this knotted candle proves. Its funky outline gives a bookshelf or bedside table hint of personality. If unlit, it's also a great piece for setting atop a stack of coffee table books.

Anthropologie Baker Stripe Dish Towels

Anthropologie Baker Stripe Dish Towels


Tea towels are a fun functional decor item to collect. There are numerous colors, prints, and textures that will have no problem spicing up the bland palettes of standard kitchen appliances. A set like this one this gives you options to swap out when others are in the laundry pile, too.

HAY Sowden Tins, Set of 4

Colorful tins


Who said storage needed to be boring? Forgo the white plastic bins for something a bit more unexpected. These tins spice up any system you've set up in your kitchen and hold goodies and cooking essentials in style.

Urban Outfitters Shannon Light Switch Cover

Green switch cover

Urban Outfitters

Lights switches aren't the first thing most people think about when it comes to adding color to their homes. But as this cover shows, this small detail should be considered more often. This pop of green is so much more intriguing than the typical white versions.

BestHardwareStore 3.75" Colorful Zinc Alloy Drawer Pull Handles

Colorful hardware pulls


It's rare to find pulls that don't have some variation of a brushed metal finish. Instead of sticking with the classics, seek out hardware in playful pastel hues (like these) or something more primary-toned and bold. It's a quick swap but drastically jazzes up cabinets and drawers.

Deny Designs Graphic Acrylic Tray

Acrylic checkered tray

Urban Outfitters

Store books, jewelry, pens, coasters, or other knick-knacks with the help of this colorful acrylic tray. The checkered pattern feels fresh and on-trend and the multiple colors allows you to match complementary decor around the rest of the room.

zyzamay Modern Wall Clock, 12 Inch

Orange modern clock


There's nothing we love more than when a decor item beautifully combines form and function. Don't just rely on the oven clock—this bold model makes for a great statement piece on a dining room or kitchen wall. Tell the time and level up your home's color palette all at the same time.

wall26 Framed Canvas Print Wall Art La Japonaise Flower Garden by Henri Matisse

Framed print


Wall art is a classic way of infusing some color into your home. These framed prints of iconic works come in 45 different options, many of which are vibrant and full of eye-catching patterns. Hanging one up is one of the quickest ways to dress up white walls.

Edie Parker Wavy Coaster Set in Watermelon Slushie

Bright pink coasters

Edie Parker

In the aptly-named shade Watermelon Slushie, these wavy coasters feel like they've dropped out of a comic book. Their fun shape and zingy hue are perfect for adding a zesty dose of color to any coffee table. Paired with some colorful mugs and you're all set.

Soremo Design Pink Colored Ear Glass Clear Mug

Glass mugs


Speaking of colorful mugs—why not find ones with wavy handles, too? Made of borosillcate glass in trendy shades, there's no better way to add some saturation into your home and morning cup of coffee.

POTEY Pink Ceramic Vintage Style Hobnail Patterned Planter Pots

Pink textured planters


Take a look at the planters dotting your home. If they're all leaning towards natural textures and colors, it might be time to break out into something different. This two-piece set is perfectly textured and leans away from your average terracotta and concrete holders. The pink is also perfect if you happen to be on a Barbiecore kick right now.

Chasing Paper Molly Hatch Perfect Plaid

Chasing Paper Perfect Plaid

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

Looking for less effort and money than a coat of paint but still wanting a dramatic bit of color? Leave it to peel-and-stick wallpaper. Even if you decide against doing an entire room, an accent wall is the creme de la creme of eking out more from a down-to-earth, neutral space.

Kierkegaard Design Studio Modern Liquid Swirl Abstract Pattern in Light Sage Green and Cream Wall Tapestry

Green wavy tapestry


Similar to framed art, tapestries are brilliant choices for adding color (and plenty of texture and movement) to a room. It could be something groovy and abstract, like this particular piece, or something with an elegant pattern or burst of florals. Pick a design you like any hang it in any room that's lacking color.

H&M Home Hanger Rack in Metal and Wood

H&M Home Hanger Rack in Metal and Wood

H&M Home

Sometimes the tiniest details make a big impact on a room. This compact wall-mounted coat rack is teeming with bubbles of color and is admittedly a more cheerful piece than a wooden or all-white hook system. Although it's small, it's a gentle touch of color one might be looking for.

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