13 Affordable Items to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Clean and cool living room

Collov Home Design / Unsplash

It's easy to get wrapped up in the aspirational images out there of luxury homes full of immaculately styled rooms brimming with high-end goods. While you may think the secret to an expensive-looking home is an unlimited decor budget—it's actually more about what you choose, not what you spend. An elevated home by no means has to cost a fortune.

It may sound counterintuitive, but it's true: there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to create a more expensive look all around your home, from the entryway to the living room to the bedroom and every space in between. A smartly-chosen accent chair or a thoughtfully-placed decorative sculpture can elevate a room instantly, as can a sleek metallic lamp or set of pictures frames—but none of these need to drain your savings. Up ahead are several products that'll enrich the look of each room in your home without hurting your wallet.

LaVie Home 8x10 Picture Frames (6 Pack, Gold)

Gold picture frames


Tasteful touches of gold and silver can instantly elevate a home. One of the best ways to do this is through picture frames. A glint of gold on the walls feels a little luxe and a set of them ensures everything is coordinated. You can hang this 6-pack of gold picture frames throughout your home or create a gallery wall.

Orren Ellis Sevag 67" Arched Floor Lamp

An arched floor lamp


The curve of arched lamps' necks and the metal materials make them feel upscale. You can still get the same effect from one of these artsy-looking lighting fixtures that's just over $100 as you would with one that's hundreds or thousands of dollars.

H&M Large Stoneware Sculpture

Abstract decorative object


Anything that looks slightly out of the ordinary is instantly more intriguing and feels more expensive than a basic piece of decor. That doesn't mean a lot has to be spent on these items, but artsy-looking pieces can go a long way to making your home look higher end. Try to scope out things that have a cool shape, unique color, or have a deeper meaning.

Sauder Lux Coffee Table Round, Glass / Gold Finish

Glass and gold coffee table


In some instances, sleeker, refined furniture pieces look more expensive than bulkier versions. This is often the case with coffee tables. Rather than a hulking table in the middle of the room, opt for a glass top and gold model or try a swoop of acrylic for a modern twist. Keep the surface clean and only decorate it with one or two pieces.

Loloi II Skye Collection SKY-01 Blush / Grey, Traditional 5'-0" x 7'-6" Area Rug

Blush colored rug


The idea of having an artisan handwoven rug is enticing, but sometimes it's too far out of budget. Luckily, rugs are plentiful these days and many aren't as expensive as luxury brand options but still look remarkably fancy. This intentionally faded pattern looks vintage but doesn't cost nearly as much. Choose neutral colors or hues that add a gentle infusion of color instead of overtly bold tones.

Mercury Row Seagle 20'' Wide Side Chair

Faux leather swivel chair


Swivel seats, velvety accent chairs, and leather-laden office chairs are all pretty ways to add a dose of luxury to a room. The shape and materials the seats are made of can make a big difference in how they come across. Stick with natural colors, flowing shapes, and simple constructions. Even faux leather can look high end with the right design (as is the case with this chair).

PULEE Modern Globe Pendant Light, Silver 7.9 Inch

Silver pendant light


Similar to floor lamps, pendant lights can also look luxe. Modern orbs or funky abstract shapes are fun ways to infuse personality into a room while also adding functional lighting. A chic pendant doesn't have to eat up your decor budget either. Hang one of these near your bedside or over a table for a fairly affordable upgrade. A warmer bulb will help create a high-end atmosphere, too.

Ball & Cast Tufted Velvet Upholstered Headboard, Cream

Cream tufted headboard


A mattress on a basic bed frame can be up-leveled with the right headboard. This tufted version has an air of Art Deco (a notably lavish-looking design era and style). Finishing touches, like headboards, make rooms feel complete, which is another key to making them feel expensive. Bare bones sleeping quarters appear as if they're not a priority, so add a few select pieces to enhance their look. And what better way to add some luxury to your bedroom than with velvet?

HAY Serving Tray

Golden serving tray


Whether you use it to bring out the bread rolls, hold an array of fruit, or add a collection of decorative objects, the curving lines of this tray feels so luxurious for being under $20. The same goes for marble and glass cutting boards and trays—they're not as functional as plastic, but provide a much better presentation. This tray would look right at home as a catch-all in your entryway, on your kitchen island, or on your living room coffee table.

West Elm Pure Ceramic Planters

West Elm Pure Ceramic Planters

West Elm

Swap out the plastic containers your lovely plants came in for a high-end set of planters—well, ones that look expensive but won't stretch your dollars too much. Look for monochrome, neutral colors in natural materials (like ceramic and clay) and crafted into slick, simple shapes. They'll provide plenty of understated beauty to your green babies.

Homary 67" Modern Chic Metal Freestanding Coat Rack Marble Base in Black

Black coat tree


Sometimes the key to a luxe-looking home is sticking with simple shapes and forms as this coat rack shows. Upon first entering your home, this towering rack steals the spotlight. Though it may seem simple, its clean lines make it feel much more expensive than it is. Its limited space cuts back on clutter, too, which is another helpful method for making a home feel more expensive.

LAMORGIFT Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Hurricane candle holders


Labels and loud branding are perfectly fine, but if you're aiming for a luxury feel, try to keep these to a minimum. Upscale-looking homes relay on minimal vessels, containers, and decorative objects for their appearances. Candles in clean glass jars or in fashionable hurricane holders like this will do just the trick.

HARRITPURE 26" x 38" Arch Mirror

Arch mirror


Mirrors reflect light around a room, making it appear bigger and brighter. The right style can also look extremely high-end and not only provide a functional piece of furniture but a chic decorative piece, too. Don't spend hundreds or more on a full-length version or artsy modern one. Stick with a simple, half-size mirror that still provides the same luxury appearance.

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