Ideas for Small, Affordable Christmas Gifts

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Looking for affordable holiday gift ideas that won't leave you looking like a cheapskate? Then you've come to the right place!

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    Baggu Reusable Shopping Totes

    For the Shopper

    Reusable shopping totes are hot, hot, hot. Fortunately, they're affordable, too. Please the shopaholic on your list with one or more of the nylon totes from Baggu. They're colorful, durable and fold up into a little pouch when not in use.

    Other Ideas: A coupon organizer, a shoe rack or closet organizers.

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    Chicken Risotto
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    For the Foodie

    Select a gift certificate for the food fanatic on your list, and treat him to a fabulous dinner at an equally fabulous price. $25 certificates are just $10 each. Use the current promo code to save as much as 80%.

    Other Ideas: Organic spices, wine from a local vineyard, homemade beer or liqueur.

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    Gardener's Journal

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    For the Gardener

    Give the gardener in your life a place to record all of her garden successes and ideas. "My Garden: A Five Year Journal", by Mimi Luebbermann, is the perfect spot. It includes graph paper for planning, garden checklists and blank pages for journaling.

    Other Ideas: A Farmer's Almanac, bulbs, seed bombs, gardener's soap, plant tags or saved seeds from your garden.

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    LED Nightlight

    Comfort light
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    For the Techie

    LED bulbs are the bulbs to have if you're into cutting-edge technology, but at $20+ a bulb, they're not exactly priced to sell. Enter the exception to the rule: LED nightlights. They're just as high-tech, but can be had for as little as $8 a piece.

    Other Ideas: Rechargeable batteries and charger, CFL bulbs.

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    Rand McNally Road Atlas

    Where are we?
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    For the Traveler

    Ensure your favorite globetrotter gets where she's headed and back again by giving the gift of a Rand McNally Road Atlas. Sure GPS is great, but sometimes old school just gets the job done better.

    Other Ideas: A travel guide to a destination that the recipient plans to visit, a subscription to Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel or a gas card.

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    Staple-less Stapler

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    For the Office Worker

    Treat each of your co-workers to a new toy without breaking the bank. A staple-free stapler is colorful, affordably priced and does away with the need for staples.

    Other Ideas: A refillable pen, coffee or a basket of gourmet foods for the entire office to share.

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    Laminated Trail Maps

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    For the Outdoorsman

    Collect maps for all the best trails in your area; then, laminate them for a gift that any outdoor enthusiast would love.

    Price: The cost of lamination

    Other Ideas: A wind-up flashlight or a stainless steel water bottle.

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    Half Price Books Gift Card

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    For the Book Lover

    A big pile of books is a great gift for someone who likes to read; and it can be an affordable gift if you opt for a gift card from, where the books are cheap and plentiful.

    Price: Available in $25, $50, $75 and $100 increments

    Other Ideas: A gift certificate to a local used bookstore, custom bookplates or a gift card for e-books.

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    Misto Oil Sprayer

    For the Chef

    Dazzle the kitchen connoisseur on your list with the sleek, money-saving abilities of the Misto Oil Sprayer – a nifty gadget that eliminates the need for pricey use-and-toss cooking sprays. Just fill the chamber with your preferred oil; pump the lid up and down to build pressure; and spray.

    Other Ideas: Silicone baking cups, a good quality olive oil, premium baking chocolate or homemade vanilla extract.

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    Reusable Coffee Filter

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    For the Coffee Lover

    Save your favorite java junkie some change by giving him a reusable coffee filter. With paper filters off his shopping list, he'll be able to splurge on better beans.

    Other Ideas: Homemade chocolate spoons or flavored syrups.

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    Golf Ball Monogrammer

    Golfer with a Golf Glove Holding a Golf Ball and a Tee.
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    For the Golfer

    Hunting for lost golf balls is never fun. Make the task a bit easier by buying the golfer in your life a golf ball monogrammer.

    Other Ideas: Golf balls or a personalized golf towel.

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    Storage Boxes

    For the Person Who Has Everything

    What do you give the person who has everything? Storage boxes!. They're attractive; come in many shapes and sizes, and many can be folded up between uses.

    Other Ideas: Velvet hangers or a grocery bag holder.