10 Amazon Finds Under $30 to Organize Your Kitchen

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Organized kitchen counters

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A freshly organized kitchen is often one recipe or shopping trip away from becoming a cluttered mess all over again. There is so much to keep track of in a kitchen, and investing in a good organizational system is a must to prevent messes from constantly infringing on your cooking space.

Once all those accessories intended for creating a functional kitchen are added to your cart, it's not cheap. Fortunately, a clean and tidy cooking area and pantry can be far more budget-friendly than you might think. We've collected several helpful items that will be kinder to your wallet. All under $30, these kitchen accessories will make organizing your cooking space a piece of cake.

Dowan Kitchen Utensil Holder, 7.2”

White design utensil holder


A utensil jar is a perfect spot for holding all your spatulas and spoons within reach. One with a pattern or extra bit of flair or makes it decorative rather than an eye sore on your countertop. This particular version is heavy enough to prevent tipping and has a cork bottom to avoid sliding and causing scratches.

Roleader Kitchen Sink Caddy Sponge Holder: Rust Proof

Sink caddy


You can finally prevent losing your sponge to the depths of the sink with this handy sink-side caddy. With enough room for sponges, soap, and scrub brushes, all the tools fit for cleaning counters and doing the dishes will have a spot to return to and dry off.

Dasaka Rotating Spice Rack Organizer with Jars(20Pcs)

Rotating spice rack


A full spice cabinet is nice in theory, but it's a struggle to wrangle every seasoning and herb when it comes time for them to shine. Rather than digging around (and realizing last-minute that you're out of oregano), keep everything easily accessible with this rotating rack. The labels and matching containers give things a clean appearance, too.

Beauty Cottage Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins, 6 Pack Clear

Acrylic organizers


Boxes and packaging can cause chaos in cupboards and on shelves. Moving things to transparent containers streamlines the look and creates a quick-find system. These are a perfect solution as there's a whopping 20 to choose from. Plus, they're stackable—get ready for a lot of extra shelf and fridge space.

mDesign Metal Wire Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet

organizer rack


Without a handy narrow cupboard or under-oven storage drawer, cutting boards, baking sheets, and muffin tins become wandering souls. They float about the kitchen, cause chaos when stacked on top of each other, and end up commandeering too much space or falling over when leaned up against a wall. Give them a home once and for all with this helpful three-slot rack.

Nifty Solutions Bamboo Tea Box | 8 Compartment Tea Chest Organizer

Bamboo tea box


Tea and coffee lovers are all familiar with the flood of paper bags that come pouring out of stuffed cupboards. Prevent this from happening with a compartmentalized storage container like this one. The tea bags stay neatly tucked away in each box and the glass lid makes it easy to see when you're running out of your favorite flavor.

Lucky Goodness Store Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container with Lids

Lucky Goodness Store Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container with Lids

Courtesy of Amazon

Salt, pepper, and other spices that you use on a regular basis always look cuter when stored in special containers. It cuts down on the brand-name jar clutter that can accumulate behind stoves and ensures that they stay at the ready when you're cooking.

SheeChung Extra Large Metal Wire Storage Basket (3-Pack, Bronze)

Wire baskets


In the blink of an eye, a kitchen can quickly go from sparkling clean to cluttered. Having wire baskets on hand will always serve you well. Whether it's for an unexpected abundance of snacks that you picked up spontaneously in bulk, or to store away extra food container lids. Wire material feels sleek but makes it easy to see where things are located, too.

Amazon Basics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack

Wine bottle holder


Precious pantry or counter space can be taken up by your wine bottle picks, and there never seems to be an appropriate place to store them. Instead, keep them organized and tidy on a minimalist rack, which will make everything easy to see and free up room for other kitchen utensils or food items.

Oridom 10" Diameter Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable

Wooden lazy Susan


For how simple their mechanisms are, lazy Susans are a very impactful gadget to have for organizing your kitchen. The list of ways in which this clever item can be implemented in your cooking space is almost endless. These spinning surfaces look great atop an island to hold napkins and dining essentials or tucked away in a cabinet, laden with spice jars or condiments. They're a smart addition to pantries and refrigerators, too.

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