5 Things to Do After You Drop the Kids at College

Keep Your Mind Busy and Vanquish the Empty Nest Blues

empty nest couple

You've moved your college freshman into the dorms. All of the boxes are emptied, the sheets are on the bed, the books have been purchased and the hugs and tears have been shared. Now it's time for you to leave. But what are you going to do now, you wonder??

There are plenty of things you're better off avoiding, but here are five things to do after you drop the kids off at college:

#1 - Parent Weekend Plans

For most families, Parent Weekend is the first time you will see your child since dorm move-in day.

It may make drop-off - and imminent empty nesthood - a little easier if you start laying plans for that first reunion now. Parent weekend can be a whirlwind of activities, so plan accordingly. Assume your child may spend a night or two with you in the hotel, so get two queens instead of one king bed. 

Reserve your spot for Parent Weekend. Make hotel reservations and any other necessary travel plans.

#2 - Fall Break

If your child will be flying home for Fall Break , now is the time to book those plane tickets or make other arrangements.

Maybe your husband's birthday falls near the break and you would like to have all the kids home for a fancy dinner. There might be a traveling Broadway show in town that you know your new college student would love to see.

Don't be too disappointed if your kid decides not to drive home on this first break, either. This is their first taste of freedom and they may want to enjoy it with their new college friends or get a few extra hours in at that new job.

They are adults now, it's okay. Putting a little distance between you and his or her new life is something you should be happy about, as it means that your young adult is adapting and enjoying college life.

#3 - Thanksgiving

Even more essential than fall break, booking the Thanksgiving week plane tickets should be a priority.

It is one of the busiest travel holidays and plane tickets disappear quickly. Many classes are canceled that week to allow for students to travel long distances to go home. Before you book flights, check with your young adult and see if that is a possibility. Not only will there be more travel choices, but you might save some money flying the weekend before.

Look at the school schedule and find out when your student is done with classes and when they need to be back on campus. Remember that flight delays are common over the holidays, so give them a little wiggle room on both the departure and return flights.

#4 - Start Baking

If your child is even the least bit homesick, a care package from home will help.

Baking is marvelously therapeutic for parents too. It will keep your mind busy and your hand occupied. This will give you a few treats for yourself because you may need some comfort food as well.

Rev up the mixer, pull out the Tollhouse and start baking!

#5 - Date Your Spouse

Your child may have gone off to college and perhaps your nest has emptied of children. This is the perfect time to rekindle your marriage, your friendships and your own life.

Date your spouse as if this was the very beginning of a new relationship.

Befriend your friends once more. Take up a new hobby or volunteer for the organization you didn't have time for before. Vanquish the empty nest blues.