Meaning and Uses of Agate in Feng Shui

Colorful mosaic made of backlit agate stones, natural colors.

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You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of perfectly styled homes, complete with beautiful natural objects like plants and crystals. While these things can certainly make your space more visually appealing, they can also impact the energy of your home. 

In feng shui, one of the ways that we can balance or uplift the qi, or life force energy, in a space is to intentionally bring in elements from nature, like crystals. Agate is a versatile, beautiful crystal that can be used for many different feng shui intentions. 

What Is Agate?

Agate is a balancing, soothing stone that comes in many different colors and varieties. Overall, it’s used for grounding, cleansing, and supporting spiritual growth. Different varieties have additional meanings and uses. 

Properties of Agate

  • Color: Various
  • Chakra: Depends on type and color
  • Number: Vibrates to 7 (depends on type and color)
  • Planet: Mercury 
  • Zodiac: Gemini (also depends on type and color)
  • Bagua areas: Gen (also depends on type and color)
  • Elements: Earth (also depends on type and color)
  • Origin: Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Morocco, USA
Macro details of a blue agate mineral slice

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Meaning and Uses of Agate

Agate has a calming, grounding effect and is often used to balance yin and yang energies. It can also be used to cleanse the aura and remove negative energy. Agate can bring out your natural talents and skills, and encourage you to speak your truth. It also promotes self-acceptance and spiritual growth, and soothes anger and bitterness. 

Types of Agate

Agate comes in many different colors and varieties. Here are just a few that you might encounter:

Angel Wing Agate promotes concentration, spiritual communication, and clairaudience. It can also help you notice possibilities you weren’t aware of before. 

Blue Lace Agate activates the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, and helps cultivate higher states of being and consciousness. 

Botswana Agate promotes creativity, problem solving, and attention to detail. It activates the crown chakra and can be used for protection. Botswana agate can also help you to release emotions that you haven’t been expressing and support you as you venture into unknown places.

Brazilian Agate is often used for dowsing and divining. It is also helpful in balancing the energies of the heart. 

Dendritic Agate has a gentle energy that encourages you to enjoy life. It can strengthen your connection to plants and the earth element, making it a great stone for gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts. Dendritic agate can also be used to invite abundance. 

Fire Agate is calming, grounding, and stable. It provides protection and enhances meditation and relaxation. It can eliminate fear and encourage growth and vitality. 

Moss Agate helps you to see the beauty in life. It also enhances self-esteem, strength, and emotional balance. Moss agate can balance your intellectual and intuitive sides, helping you tune into both aspects of yourself. It’s also a beneficial stone for inviting wealth and prosperity. 

Snakeskin Agate promotes strength, joy, and inner peace. It can help you release worry, and blend into the background when you don’t want to be noticed. It can also be used to enhance self-esteem and self-awareness.  

Tree Agate has a stabilizing energy that can provide a sense of safety. It increases vitality and connection to nature and can be beneficial for plants and trees. It provides strength and protects against negative energies.  

Wind Fossil Agate encourages endurance, patience, and courage. It is often used in past-life healing, and it can show you lessons that you need to learn as well as gifts that you can embrace. 

agate crystal slices in various colors and shapes

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Uses in Feng Shui

Activate the Health Area

Agate’s balancing energy makes it a wonderful addition to the Health area of your home. The Health area is located in the center of the feng shui bagua, and you can find it by locating the center of your home or bedroom. Since this area is in the middle of the bagua, it has an effect on every other area around it. To activate your Health area, place an agate stone in the center of your home or bedroom. As you do this, you can set an intention for the crystal to invite grounding energy and balance into your life.  

Support the Knowledge Area

There is an area of the feng shui bagua that’s connected to skills, knowledge, and self-cultivation. The Chinese name for this area is Gen. If you want to deepen your skills, your knowledge, or your spiritual practice, you may want to activate this area.

To find the Knowledge area in your home, stand in your front entrance looking in, and locate the corner closest to you on the left-hand side. It may be easier to find the Knowledge area in your bedroom, especially if your home isn’t a perfect rectangle. To activate this area, place a piece of agate here, and set an intention that it will support your spiritual growth or the cultivation of your skills. 

Wear Agate

Something that many people don’t know is that feng shui isn’t just for your home; for example, you can also apply feng shui principles to your clothes and accessories. If you’d like to bring agate’s balancing energy with you wherever you go, look for a piece of agate jewelry that you love, and wear it with intention. 

Balance Yin and Yang

In feng shui, we recognize two opposing but interconnected types of energies, yin and yang. Yin is a darker, quieter, more receptive type of energy, while yang is brighter, busier, and more active. We all contain both yin and yang, but they can sometimes be out of balance. If you want to create more harmony between these two sides of yourself, try meditating with agate or placing an agate crystal in your bedroom.