Ideas for What to Do With Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Yes, you should definitely make extra

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The post-Thanksgiving sandwich may be more anticipated than the actual feast itself: piles of leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, even stuffing and mashed potatoes, smooshed between two slices of bread moistened with a little gravy. But maybe you want to branch out, get a little more creative and integrate your leftover cranberry sauce into something new.

You broaden your options when you start with a whole berry cranberry sauce, such as this cranberry-orange relish, which puts a little twist on...MORE the classic accompaniment to a Thanksgiving feast. It's made from a combination of fresh cranberries, whole oranges, and sugar, and it involves nothing more than throwing the ingredients into the food processor. You can even add cinnamon or substitute fresh tangerines for the oranges. 

Make several batches for the holiday and freeze some for later, because there's just no good reason to restrict your cranberry consumption to November. You can substitute cranberry orange relish or any whole berry cranberry sauce for the fruit in many desserts and breakfast dishes; here are a handful of ideas so you'll never wonder what to do with leftover cranberry sauce again.

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    Baked Oatmeal

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    It's hard to decide if this should be classified as breakfast or dessert, so you can make the call for eating it in the morning or at night. The leftover cranberry orange relish bakes into the oats, giving it more of an oatmeal crisp consistency. You'll earn extra raves when you serve it to your holiday guests.

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    Fruited French Toast

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    pain perdu or French toast suited for special occasions and guests, this recipe leaves the bread to soak overnight, baking it with fruit and sugar and optional nuts the next day. Use your leftover cranberry sauce as the cup of fruit.

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    Cranberry Relish Yogurt

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    Mix your leftover cranberry orange relish into Greek yogurt for a sweet and tangy breakfast parfait. Add granola if you like it with some crunch.​

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    Leftover cranberry orange relish transforms into a pleasantly tangy bar cookie with this easy recipe. You can substitute canned cranberry sauce, either the smooth or chunky variety, to save time.​

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    Cranberry Orange Bread

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    This quick bread captures the tangy sweet flavor of the holidays, but it's so easy to make, you can serve it on any day of the year. If you need to drain your cranberry orange relish for this recipe, save the liquid to use in place of the orange juice.

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    In recipes calling for "pie filling," substitute cranberry orange relish or your favorite whole berry cranberry sauce. These easy muffins start with a boxed cake mix, but adding fruit and sour cream disguises that origin.

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    Crepes sound fancy, but once you master the simple technique, you can turn them out in your own kitchen like a pro. Their versatility means you can serve them as breakfast or dessert, a light lunch or an afternoon snack, going sweet or savory as your taste desires. Roll-up a little holiday goodness with your leftover cranberry sauce.

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    Need a comforting warm dessert on a cold night? With this adaptable recipe, you can combine leftover cranberry sauce with apples, or replace the apples altogether. Add a crunchy oatmeal topping for a dessert with the simplicity of a cookie and the pleasure of a pie.