How Do You Install AC in an Awning Window?

Window air conditioner
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How do I install air conditioner in awning window?

My parent bought a home a few decades ago and the ranch house has no AC system. In her bedroom there are 4 awning windows; two sets of two windows side by side. My question is it possible to change an awning window to a gliding window or sliding window to allow the insertion of an AC system? The removable kind of AC? My mom is getting older and spending her summers on the couch in the living room where the portable AC unit is is not a good idea at her upcoming age. I am starting to investigate if any of these awning windows can be changed to sliding windows. Cost does not matter?

Yes. I may be getting too technical here, but it wouldn't really be a matter of changing the awning window to a gliding or double-hung window. The awning window is "what it is" and cannot be changed. It's an all or nothing thing.

Instead, it will be entirely removed, frame and all. Then, a replacement window with its own frame will be inserted in that place. The double-hung (bottom pane slides up and down, with the top pane fixed in place) will work better for insertion of the AC unit than the slider.

However, a better solution is to cut a hole below a window and install the air conditioner straight into the wall. With this, you will achieve a tight fit that you will not get with the window installation. It will look much better because will somewhat blend into the wall. Finally, you won't be taking up valuable window space, depriving your Mother of outside light.

For far less than the cost of replacing windows, you can hire a general contractor or even a handyman to do this job. See the link below from Creative Homeowner for good step-by-step instructions.