All About Mince plus 10 Top Mince Recipes

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    What Makes a Good Mince.

    Fresh minced beef
    Fresh Minced Beef. Taste of life / Getty Images

    Good old mince, the backbone of simple, everyday cooking. Be it beef, lamb, pork or a poultry mince it features across countless recipes and much loved, mainly as it is one of the cheapest forms of meat to buy.  

    There are many standards of mince available and it is always useful to check the one you buy is what you want.  Mince is made from the cheaper cuts of meat, the quality of which will vary as will the fat content.  Fat is important to the mince as it adds flavour and prevents the meat...MORE from drying out when cooking.  

    What Mince to Buy

    As with most meat, buying from your local butcher is one way of keeping a close check on what is in the bag. One way to ensure you get a good meat and the correct amount of fat is to ask the butcher to mince it for you from meat you have chosen. 

    Otherwise, buying from a supermarket, take a close look at what is on the label. 

    The majority of mince available in a supermarket is beef, you will also find pork, lamb and chicken and turkey. Here are some of the classifications of mince available to purchase off the shelf.

    Prepackaged Mince:

    Standard Mince has around 20% fat.

    Lean and Extra Lean Mince can be vert low, as low as 10% which if course makes it healthier but some flavour and texture are lost This can be made up for with sauces and stocks depending on the recipe. 

    Economy Mince maybe one to avoid unless you are on a really tight budget. This mince can often be packed out with fillers and fat  to create bulk not nutrition. 

    What to Look for When Buying Mince

    Fresh is best and make sure the meat you are buying, whichever kind of mince looks and smells fresh and clean.

    Beef should be a good red colour, pork pink as should lamb.

    You should be able to see mainly meat, not lumps of fat. If you are able to give give it a little sniff, it should not have much of a smell at all, especially poultry. As that is unlikely, then check  out the use by dates and never use past this time.

    All  mince freezes especially well, so if you find it on special offer, then buy and freeze for later. Do not keep it in the freezer past 3 months. 

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    10 Top Recipes for Using Mince

    Pork & Onion Meat Balls with Sundried Tomato Sauce Recipe
    Pork & Onion Meat Balls with Sundried Tomato Sauce Recipe. Photo © British Onions

    Also the beauty of mince, apart from the price, is it is quick to cook which is why more often than not it is the choice for a mid-week supper. These are some classics for using mince (check out the Venison) and one or two unexpected ways.  None will take long to prepare or cook. 

    Swap out the Beef for Turkey or Chicken Mince

    Turkey mince is a lean meat and makes a great alternative to beef in many recipes only change the beef, pork or lamb to poultry

    1. Chili Filled Yorkshire Pudding Recipe
    2. Stovies...MORE Recipe 
    3. Pork and Onion Meat Balls Recipe
    4. Classic Spaghetti Bolognese
    5. Clocktower Burger Recipe
    6. Cottage Pie Recipe - Beef only Please
    7. Shepherd's Pie Recipe - Lamb Only on this One
    8. Low Carb Cottage Pie Recipe
    9. Luxury Venison Pie 
    10. Super Special Faggots Recipe - A special recipe with a few additions to the Minced Pork: get your butcher to mince the meat required for you.