All About Mother's Day

Mother's Day is traditionally celebrating by letting Mom take the day off. That means she doesn't have to cook or clean or run any errands. Which puts the burden for meals squarely on children and spouse! With these easy recipes and menus, you can handle all three meals (or take Mom out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and just make one or two meals) with ease. Remember to buy or make a card for Mom and give her flowers too. And clean up that kitchen when you're done! Happy...MORE Mother's Day to all moms everywhere.

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    Graham Cracker Icebox Cake. Linda Larsen

    If all else fails, make one of these easy and fabulous chocolate desserts for Mother's Day. You can serve Mom frozen lasagna and a bagged salad and she'll love that you make the effort. But a homemade dessert will really tug at her heartstrings. Anyone can make these recipes!

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    Swedish Tea Log
    Swedish Tea Log. Linda Larsen

    Breakfast (or brunch) in bed is a wonderful way to treat Mom on her special day. Get organized on Saturday, assign tasks and chores, then get up early on Sunday morning to put everything together. Choose one make-ahead recipe, one last-minute recipe, and one or two recipes that just need to be assembled.

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    Chicken Scampi. Linda Larsen

    For lunch, take Mom on a picnic or cook lunch on the grill if it's nice outside. Or make her dinner. With some planning and cooperative effort, you can pull off a pretty spectacular meal with not a lot of effort or cooking skills. Just read through the recipes several times, don't rush, and enjoy the process.

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    Chocolate icebox Dessert. Linda Larsen
    These ten simple and delicious dessert recipes are perfect for the beginning cook; or the non-cook!