All About Succulents

Succulents seem custom-made for indoor gardeners. These hardy plants can thrive for long periods in poor conditions. But given proper care, succulents are some of the most beautiful plants in the world.

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    Succulents are some of the most rewarding plants for indoor gardeners. They're tough, beautiful, and have interesting and varied foliage.

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    Simple, step-by-step instructions to creating a beautiful dish garden using succulents and cacti.

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    Aloe is one of the most popular succulents, grown for both its beauty and health benefits.

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    Desert rose is a striking plant with beautiful flowers. Beware the sap, however, which can be caustic.

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    These beautiful succulents are trailing plants that form long, striking "tails" of tear-drop shaped leaves.

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    Echeveria succulents grow in tight rosettes of overlapping leaves. They are perfect indoor plants: small, beautiful and easy to care for. 

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    There are several species that are sold under the generic name jade plant. They are all Crassula species. Also called money plants or dollar plants, these are thought to bring good luck.

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    Although there are many kinds of kalanchoe, the K. blossfeldiana is the most popular. Its sprays of bright flowers make it one of the most desired houseplants around the world.

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    The pencil cactus is actually another Euphorbia species. These plants are grown for their strange, even slightly bizarre foliage.

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    Sometimes called hen and chick plants, Sempervivum succulents are some of the hardiest: hot or cold, light or shade, they can thrive. With good care, these are magnificent accent plants.