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Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp

Deciding on summer camp is not easy. First there's whether to send your child to camp. Camp can be an important child care resource. But is your child ready for camp? Can you afford it?

Then there's what kind of summer camp. Do you choose a day camp, overnight camp, specialty camp or nature camp?. And finally you must decide where to send them.

This summer camp FAQ can help you sort out these and other camp questions.

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    Kids Activities Summer Camp

    A lot of factors will go into making this decision. Your child's interest and readiness for summer camp, your budget and your need for child care are just a few. Some parents send kids to summer camp because they they need child care when school is out, but many send their kids primarily for the summer camp experience. Read more about how to decide if the camp experience or what kind of experience is right for you child.

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    What are the benefits of summer camp?

    Both day camp for younger children and overnight camp for tweens and teens foster a sense of independence while allowing your child to enjoy new experiences and meet new people. Put simply camp is just plain fun! Plus, specialty summer camps can help your child hone a new skill. Read more
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    These directories of summer camps by specialty and summer camps by region can help you narrow your choices. These include both day camps and overnight camps.

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    Can I afford summer camp for my kids?

    The cost of summer camp can be an important factor for many families, especially those with more than one child. Budgeting for summer camp as part of your child care expenses or saving in advance can help ease the financial strain. But there are some ways to actually reduce the cost of summer camp. Read more
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    If summer camp is impractical for our family, what fun activities can I plan?

    Sometimes camp just isn't in the cards. Maybe it's your budget or vacation schedule. Perhaps your child just isn't into the idea of summer camp. Whatever the reason, one option is to share child care duties with a friend, doing a regular kids swap, and plan camp-like activities. Read more

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    How do I tell if my child is ready for overnight camp?

    Gauge your child's interest in summer camp. Was summer camp his idea or yours? Does your child do well when separated from you, especially overnight? These are just a few of the factors to consider. Read more
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    How can I feel assured that summer camp is safe?

    Summer camp--whether a day or overnight camp--has a lot of potential dangers for kids. Be sure to check your chosen camp's safety guidelines and ask questions. Find out about staff training, camper-to counselor ratios and emergency procedures. Read more