All-In-The-Crockpot Easter Dinner

Glazed ham
Joseph De Leo/Taxi/Getty Images

The more crockpots the better! This All-In-The-Crockpot Easter dinner (with the exception of the salad) is so simple and mouthwatering. You do need five crockpots for this dinner, but you should really have at least two on hand at all times. Borrow three, or buy a couple of new models. There are even crockpots that have three crock in one base that make serving buffet-style much easier. If you entertain a lot, think about getting one.

Since almost everything in this menu is warm, I did have to add a green salad. This one is a favorite because it's fresh, crunchy, delicious, and bright.

One of the nicest things about this menu is that it's so easy on the cook. You just have to plate everyone on serving platters or bowls, but there's no rushing around stirring things on the stovetop or trying to cram foods into the oven with this menu.

Set your table with bright and colorful china, or use your best. Make sure you have flowers for a centerpiece, because it's spring, and have some nice music playing in the background. 

Enjoy this easy dinner with family and friends.

All-In-The-Crockpot Easter Dinner

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