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all laundry detergent has been on America's shelves since the 1950s. I can remember the big blue box of powder sitting next to the washer. all has come a long way since then as a liquid, then a concentrated liquid and now as a single dose mighty pac with 4X concentrated laundry detergent.

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Introduced to the United States market in February 2012, all mighty pacs are convenient pre-dosed liquid laundry detergent packs.

The pacs are little pillows of super concentrated all laundry detergent that you toss into the washer. The outer skin of the packs is a polyvinyl film that dissolves completely in water to release the detergent.

The mighty pacs are added to the washer before adding clothes. One pack is recommended per average load. Two packs can be added if the load is large or heavily soiled. The packs work in both top-loading and front-loading washers - both standard and high-efficiency (HE). If using with a front loader, the pack must be placed directly in the drum - not in the dispenser drawer.

Product Ingredients:

The formula ingredients on the Sun Products website for all 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent (stainlifter) are:

  • Ethoxylated Lauryl Alcohol
  • Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Sodium Cocoate
  • Sodium Xylenesulfonate
  • Fragrance
  • Stilbene disulfonic acid triazine derivative
  • CI 61585

all mighty pacs contain no phosphates and are safe for septic systems. Since the packs dissolve completely, there is no recycling except the outer package. Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept the plastic used in the outer bag.

all mighty pacs come in Original fragrance and Free & Clear for those with fragrance and dye sensitivity.

With convenience, comes a higher cost. The suggested retail price of the 24 count all mighty pacs is $4.97 or 21 cents per use. The product is available in 24, 48, 72 and 84 count bags or tubs.

The all and Sun Products Story

Sun Products Corporation is a North American manufacturer and marketer of fabric care and household products with annual sales of more than $2 billion. It holds the second largest market share in North America. Sun employs 3,500 people and maintains offices and Research & Development facilities in Fairfield County, Connecticut; Salt Lake City, Utah and Toronto, Canada. Manufacturing facilities are under operation in Salt Lake City, Utah; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Dyersburg, Tennessee; Baltimore, Maryland and Houston, Texas.

Sun Products was formed in September 2008 from the combination of Unilever’s North American fabric care business and Huish Detergents, Inc, a leading manufacturer of private label laundry and dish products. It is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut.

Sun Products brands include all®, Wisk®, Surf®, Sun® and Sunlight® laundry detergents and Snuggle® fabric softener.

Sun Products is also the manufacturer for many retailer branded fabric care products.

all laundry detergent is available in several formulas and scents including all Oxi-Active and all Free & Clear.

Product Review and Laundry Recommendation

I tested all mighty pacs on average, everyday soil and on some tougher to remove stains like red mud. For the everyday soil of normal wear, the laundry came out clean and smelling fresh. However, with the more heavily stained clothes, the all mighty pacs did not remove every stain - they stumbled on red mud and some set-in oily stains. However, a rewash that included allowing the clothes to soak in the water/detergent mix for about an hour before completing the cycle did get the clothes clean.

all mighty pacs are very easy to use. They dissolve completely in both cold and hot water.

The formula is low-sudsing which is a plus for complete rinsing.

The only "trick" to using the packs is that your hands must be completely dry when handling them or the outer film will begin to dissolve. You should also keep the outer packaging sealed when not in use - especially if you live in a high humidity area.

The pacs should always be kept away from children and pets. They look a bit like candy and can squirt into eyes or mouths if punctured.

My only complaint is that the pacs cannot be used for pre-treating stains. I frequently use liquid detergent to pre-treat heavily soiled areas or food stains. You will need to have a separate stain remover available for treatment.

Even with the higher cost per use, I can easily see how the all mighty pacs will be embraced by anyone who has to use a community laundry room or laundromat. They are also an excellent idea for anyone with limited mobility or dexterity to handle jugs and heavy boxes of laundry detergent powder.

I would recommend all mighty pacs for laundry. Only you can weigh the cost vs. convenience and determine which is more important to your laundry routine.


Some readers have had a problem with the pacs not dissolving completely and "gluing" clothes together. I took the problem to Sun Products and here is their response:

Mike Lyons, brand manager for all mighty pacs: “I am sorry that some of your consumers are having a bad experience with all mighty pacs. Sun Products has found that there has been a small number of consumers that have had similar experience with the single dose laundry form. The good news is that the damage is not permanent and there is an easy fix. They just need to rewash the article of clothing without any detergent. The undissolved mighty pac will wash away. Please remind your readers to for best results follow the direction on the package and for more information they can find instructional videos at”

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