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What's the "One Thing" you swear by? The life-changing trick, cool DIY, or internet "hack" that you show off to all your friends and family? In this video series from The Spruce, our team of editors have tried so many things, and we're here to help you find your next One Thing.

Love "One Thing"? Us too! Scroll to see all of our episodes and let us know which one is your fave. 

Ep 74: Turn Affordable Frames Into Autumnal Lanterns

Fall is all about getting cozy. As the days begin to get shorter and colder, we start turning to candles and other decorative accents to add a warm glow to our homes. For this DIY, Emma turns simple and affordable picture frames into pretty autumnal lanterns. They make a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece or addition to your fall mantel.


Turn Affordable Frames Into Autumnal Lanterns

Ep 73: DIY Wood Vases

Wooden vases seem to be everywhere these days, but keeping up with all the decor trends can start to add up. That's why wood vases are ideal to make yourself; they're quick, easy, and completely customizable. Watch Emma show how to make these DIY wood vases that are great for displaying your favorite dried or faux florals.


Make Your Own Stylish Wooden Vases In A Few Simple Steps

Ep 72: DIY Gold Mirror Upgrade

Let's face it: sometimes mirrors can be expensive. But if you have a mirror hanging around that needs a bit of a refresh, turning it into a beautiful on-trend gold mirror is the perfect DIY project you can easily do in just a couple of hours (including drying time). Candace Madonna, The Spruce's visual editor, shows us how to turn a boring mirror into a luxe piece of decor you'll love to display in your home.


Upgrade Your Basic Mirror Into A Luxe Decor Accent

Ep 71: Never Throw Away Paint Chips Again

Paint chips can be so useful for helping you choose the perfect color for your home, but throwing them in the garbage at the end of your renovation can seem wasteful. If you have a collection of paint chips that you're unsure what to do with, Heddy's mobile is the perfect, adorable project.


Never Throw Away Paint Chips Again

Ep 70: Paper Palm Leaves Are a Fresh Take on a Classic Centerpiece

Want to add new life to a vase, your dining table, or mantel? Using just a few simple folds, Emma shows us how to turn plain paper into beautiful paper palm leaves. You can make them in any color you like to match your decor, and they make great centerpieces for occasions or just for every day.


Paper Palm Leaves Are a Fresh Take on a Classic Centerpiece

Ep 69: How to Make Your Own Plant Propagation Station

If you love houseplants, you know how expensive it can be to keep growing your collection. But it doesn't have to be—propagation is an easy way to grow new plants that won't cost you a thing. And Jenny's adorable DIY plant propagation station will help keep those plant cuttings organized and in a cute display while they grow their roots.


How to Make Your Own Plant Propagation Station

Ep 68: Refresh Your Basic Throw Pillow With This Simple Trick

Throw pillows make a great addition to any space; they're an easy and quick way to change the look of your decor in your living room and your bedroom. But throw pillows can be surprisingly expensive, especially if you're looking for something pretty and on-trend. Lifestyle Editor Lauren Phillips has a great solution: refresh a basic throw pillow you already own with macrame cord.


Refresh Your Basic Throw Pillow With This Simple Trick

Ep 67: This No-Sew Basket Is Totally Customizable

Have you ever wanted to make your own basket, but just didn't have the sewing skills? In Emma's DIY, all you need is cotton piping and some hot glue. The best part: you can make a basket in any color, size, shape, or style you want.


This No-Sew Basket is Totally Customizable

Ep 66: These DIY Agate Coasters Look Super Expensive

Coasters are one of those home decor items that make a great accent to your coffee table, but can be way more expensive than they're worth. Instead of buying overpriced agate coasters, Heddy's pretty DIY shows how to make them at home for half the price. They also make a great housewarming gift!


These DIY Agate Coasters Look Super Expensive

Ep 65: This Stylish Pedestal Bowl Is Easier to Make Than You Think

Sometimes, DIYs are so good, it's hard to tell you didn't buy them at a trendy home goods store. Editor Jenny Hughes does just that with her pedestal bowl DIY, which works well as a planter, a dining table centerpiece, or just a decorative object. It's also a super customizable project that you can make to match your decor no matter your style.


This Stylish Pedestal Bowl Is Easier to Make Than You Think

Ep 64: This Under Bed Storage Hack is Wheel-y Easy

We're always looking for fun, creative, and useful ways to keep our homes better organized. Editorial and Strategy Director Emily Manchester's trick for under bed storage is such a game-changer, and can be used to store anything that you want to be able to grab easily. All you need is a basket and some simple hardware and you're on your way to having a more organized home!


This Under Bed Storage Hack is Wheel-y Easy

Ep 63: The One Mason Jar DIY You Haven't Seen Before

If you think you've seen all of the mason jar DIYs imaginable, think again. Heddy's brilliant trick for transforming mason jars to make them look antique might be our favorite yet! It's so simple and is a great way to get more use out of all those jars you have lying around. You'll never go back to regular mason jars again.


The One Mason Jar DIY You Haven't Seen Before

Ep 62: Make Your Own Trendy Rattan Lamp on a Budget

If you love staying up on all the latest decor trends but don't want to pay the hefty price tag, this DIY is for you. In minutes, Emma turns a plain lamp into an on-trend rattan lamp that you can put anywhere in your home. It's the perfect project for embracing rattan without having to make big changes to your home decor.


Make Your Own Trendy Rattan Lamp on a Budget

Ep 61: This Folding Trick Will Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

It's easier than you think to add a little bit of luxury to your home. With this simple hand towel folding trick, Mélanie shows how to make any bathroom feel more like a spa. It's easy, quick, and bonus: it's a really popular trick with kids!


This Folding Trick Will Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Ep 60: Turn Faux Flowers Into Luxurious Votives With This Simple Trick

Heddy's pretty DIY project is perfect for wedding season! Using faux flowers and plaster of Paris, you can create beautiful candle votives that are the perfect romantic finishing touch to your wedding decor. And if you're not getting married, they make great gifts and can even just add a bit of luxury to your everyday decor.


Turn Faux Flowers into Luxurious Votives With This Simple Trick

Ep 59: Free Up Your Counter Space With This DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

We could all use more counter space and there are lots of creative ways to clear up our kitchen counters, like this adorable DIY from Emma. This quick and easy project only requires a handful of items and a few macrame knots. The result is a cute and functional fruit hammock that keeps your fruit within reach and out of the way.


Free Up Your Counter Space With This DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

Ep 58: Make Your Grocery Store Flowers Look Like an Expensive Bouquet

Fancy flower arrangements can be so expensive, but having fresh flowers in your home shouldn't be a luxury. Patrice's DIY shows you how to work your magic by turning grocery stores flowers into a gorgeous bouquet. It makes a great arrangement for yourself, for gifting, or as a centerpiece for a dinner party.


Make Your Grocery Store Flowers Look Like an Expensive Bouquet

Ep 57: These Easy Napkin Bunnies Will Make Your Spring Tablescape Hoppier

Whether you're hosting an Easter brunch, or just want to make your home look festive for spring, these easy napkin bunnies are the perfect addition to your spring tablescape. And as Melanie demonstrates, they're surprisingly easy to make with a few simple supplies.


These Easy Napkin Bunnies Will Make Your Spring Tablescape Hoppier

Ep 56: Popsicle Sticks Are The Affordable Secret Behind These Trendy Shelves

Trendy shelves don't have to cost a fortune. Display your favorite knick-knacks or a tiny plant using Heddy's clever DIY that's made entirely of popsicle sticks. It makes a great addition to a gallery wall or anywhere you have a bit of wall space to spare.


Popsicle Sticks Are The Affordable Secret Behind These Trendy Shelves

Ep 55: How to Make Everyday Items Feel More Sophisticated with Cabinet Handles

Emma's brilliant trick for elevating everyday items is so simple. Using cabinet handles, she turns boring storage containers into pretty receptacles and a plain cutting board into a beautiful display tray. Just choose your favorite cabinet handles and use them almost anywhere your home decor needs a chic upgrade!


How to Make Everyday Items Feel More Sophisticated with Cabinet Handles

Ep 54: This Reusable Beeswax Wrap Is the Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Being more environmentally-friendly at home is all about taking one step at a time. These reusable beeswax wraps make giving up plastic wrap so easy, and you can make them all by yourself at home with just a few simple items. Plus, Heddy shows you how to make them look super cute.


This Reusable Beeswax Wrap Is The Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Episode 53: The Trick to Folding a Blanket

If you're one of those people (like us) who can never seem to keep their linen closet organized, Melanie's blanket folding trick is about to change your life. Say goodbye to disorganized blanket storage and try this trick. It will make grabbing your favorite blanket so much easier and help you save valuable storage space.


The Right Way to Fold a Blanket (Cause You've Been Doing it All Wrong!)

Episode 52: Transform a Boring Store Bought Cake into a Showstopper

Need a beautiful cake for a special occasion, or just because? You don't have to break your budget by getting a cake made at a fancy bakery. Patrice's amazing cake transformation is perfect for those occasions when you're pinched for time or you want something a little more special than a boring store-bought cake.


Transform a Boring Store Bought Cake into a Showstopper

Episode 51: Create a 3D Gallery Wall With Plants

Gallery walls make the perfect center piece for any room, but did you know there's so much more you can do with a picture frame other than hang a picture? Emma shows you how to use frames to create a textured, 3D gallery wall full of greenery. This idea is perfect for the budget-conscious, plant lover, or anyone who needs to fill a blank wall in their home.


Episode 50: Make a Stylish Plant Hanger With Only a Rope

We know macrame is all the rage, but if you're intimidated by all those seemingly complicated knots, you've got to try Heddy's rope plant hanger. This DIY creates a similar look and feel to macrame but it's so much simpler to create and only takes minutes to complete!


Episode 49: DIY Dried Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

If it isn't obvious by now, we really love plants! Social Media Editor Emma Glubiak put together this simple yet elegant wall hanging using dried eucalyptus. She'll show you exactly how to recreate this in your own home for some fun wall decor.


Episode 48: Make a DIY Pom-Pom Garland for Any Holiday

Garlands are quintessential holiday decor and Emma's created a DIY that's perfect for whichever holiday you're celebrating. This adorable and colorful DIY pom-pom garland is just what you need to spruce up your mantel, frame a doorway, or hang anywhere on your walls.


Episode 47: Upcycle Tin Cans Into Lanterns

Heddy took these tin cans to the next level with a drill and paint to transform them into cute little lanterns. In just an afternoon, you can create these holiday-ready lanterns to hang around your home, porch, or balcony.


Episode 46: Testing Weird Amazon Gadgets

Mélanie and Melissa team up to test these mysterious Amazon products. Collecting dust in small crevices, picking up popcorn, and pulling lint from sweaters are just some of the things you can do with these weird gadgets. With an honest rating for each product, we'll help you decide if these trendy purchases are actually worth it.


Episode 45: Upcycle Old Wine Bottles Into Stylish Vases

Emma Glubiak, Social Media Editor at The Spruce, transforms her empty wine bottles into beautiful vases. The trick is to add metallic details to jazz up the initial paint job. These make great additions to any tablescape, especially for the holidays.


Episode 44: Best Methods to Remove Oil Stains

Oil and grease can be tough to remove from clothes and upholstery but The Spruce's General Manager, Mélanie Berliet has mastered these stain removing methods. We recommend baking soda, dish soap, or chalk for best results.


Episode 43: Pineapple Jack O'Lanterns

Spooky pineapple jack o'lanterns? Yes! It's a thing! Heddy walks us through the steps of this Pinterest-favorite. You need one kitchen tool in particular to make this DIY easy as pi-neapple.


Episode 42: Our Best Tips for Litter Box Placement

Who knew there were so many rules around placing your litter box? Your cat will actually be so appreciative if you follow these rules, like keeping the box separate from their food and water dishes, and providing a bit of privacy.


Episode 41: Repurpose Your Tin Cans Into Stylish Planters

Upcycling extraordinaire and Managing Producer Heddy Hunt transforms average tin cans into stylish planters for her succulents. With the help of some chalky paint and Heddy's guidance, you can make these farmhouse-style planters at home, too.


Episode 40: Add More Storage With a Tension Rod

Senior News Editor Ginger Cowles transforms the inside of her kitchen cabinet with a tension rod. This easy trick will double your under-the-sink storage and it only takes about five minutes to set it up! Let Ginger show you how.


Episode 39: DIY Bubbles

Looking for an easy outdoor activity to enjoy with your kids? Patrice Sosoo, VP of Brand Development at The Spruce explains how to mix up DIY bubbles using water, Dawn dish soap, and sugar.


Episode 38: Toilet Paper Roll Cactus

This kids' craft idea is actually fun for adults too—cacti are still a long-standing favorite among houseplant and trend enthusiasts alike. Mélanie will show you exactly how to reuse your empty paper rolls to keep your kids busy in quarantine with this cactus craft.


Episode 37: Four Fork Hacks to Try Around Your Home

Associate Editor Melissa Epifano shows you just how a simple fork can help you get a lot done around your home (seriously). The next time you need an extra pair of tongs, to clean an oddly shaped bottle, to hang a picture frame, or to tie a tiny bow, grab a fork!


Episode 36: DIY Bird Feeder

There are so many ways to make a DIY bird feeder but this upcycling trick might be one of our favorites for all of its possibilities. Transform a milk carton into a bird feeder, but also an owl, a monster, or a mailbox with Mélanie's help.


Episode 35: Turn Carrot Scraps Into a Beautiful Houseplant

We bet you didn't realize that you can make a houseplant out of carrots! This is one way to put your kitchen scraps to work outside of the compost pile and these carrots practically grow themselves, so you don't need to worry about too much maintenance.


Episode 34: Simple Painting Trick for Terracotta Planters

Classic terracotta pots are the perfect blank canvas for creating more unique planters. Follow Heddy's instructions to recreate this look with a few rubber bands and some paint. This is a foolproof DIY that even those who often color outside the lines need not fear.


Episode 33: Upcycle Your Old Stuff With Spray Paint

We love upcycling here at The Spruce! It's such an easy and sustainable way to give new life to your old stuff. Mélanie shows us how to use spray paint to revamp a picture frame, a basket, and more. This is the ideal DIY for thrift store finds.


Episode 32: Make Mini-Watermelon Margarita in Minutes

The Spruce Eats General Manager Eric Handelsman is the hero of summer with these mini margaritas. Blend up a fresh mini watermelon, pour the tequila, add a straw, and sip directly from your watermelon bowls all season long.


Episode 31: The Trick to Putting on a Duvet Cover

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to wrestle a duvet cover onto your comforter? It's almost enough to make you want to skip laundry day. Mélanie has your back with this surprisingly easy-to-replicate folding trick.


Episode 30: Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday With This Cake

Calling all pet parents! If your cat's birthday is coming up, try this easy recipe for a special birthday "cake" made of tuna, chicken, and sweet potatoes. Heddy shows you how as she celebrates with her cats Toast and Hops.


Episode 29: Try This Cereal Box Folding Trick

This folding trick will blow your mind! Who knew that there was a right way to fold cereal boxes? Let Managing Producer Heddy Hunt show you how it's done and stop worrying about stale cereal or messy cupboards.


Episode 28: How to Start an Edible Seed Garden

If you're easily intimidated by gardening, this is the perfect beginner project to try. Mélanie Berliet, General Manager of The Spruce, shows you how to start an editble seed garden with seeds, potting mixture and a container. Mélanie uses an empty egg carton, but any container will do!


Episode 27: Three Ways to Rid Your Walls of Scuff Marks

General Manager Mélanie Berliet tested three different ways to remove scuff marks from walls and was surprised by the outcome. Baking soda and water, rubbing alcohol, and a magic eraser are three different methods but with similar results—See for yourself!


Episode 26: Edible Playdough

Did you know that with marshmallows, confectioners sugar, and a little bit of water you can create edible playdough? The Spruce Eats Editorial Director Heather Ramsdell and her daughter Eve show you exactly how to do so! Add a little food coloring and your imagination to create little animals and figures.


Episode 25: Turn a Washcloth Into a Teddy Bear

Whether you need an activity for your kids or are looking for cute ways to dress up the guest bathroom, this clever craft is worth a try. In three easy folds, you'll have a teddy bear made from a simple washcloth, a pair of rubber bands, and ribbon to make a bow.


Episode 24: Transform an Object With Chalky Paint

It's incredible what a new coat of paint can do to a piece of used furniture! Watch as Managing Video Producer Heddy Hunt uses this pretty coral color to make her old dresser look new again. This DIY is actually pretty simple: all you need to do is tape off a small amount of floor space (tip: garbage bags work great), clean and sand down your furniture, grab your brush and paint!


Episode 23: Upcycle Plastic Bottles into Planters

Keep a few single-use plastic bottles and upcycle them into gorgeous planters that can help breathe life into your home. Associate editor Melissa Epifano will show you how to turn something as ordinary as a plastic soap bottle into a chic decor item.


Episode 22: How to Make a DIY Face Mask

Want to DIY your own face mask? All you need is a bandana or handkerchief and rubber bands. Watch as general manager Mélanie Berliet shows you how easy it is to make your own in just a few easy steps.


Episode 21: How to Reseal Plastic Bags

When it comes to keeping your chips fresh, a bag clip or rubber band often fall short. The solution? Fire! Watch as general manager Mélanie Berliet shows you how to seamlessly seal plastic bags with just a ruler and lighter.


Episode 20: Awesome DIY Hoop Wreaths

Whether you’re a fan of a fresh bouquet of flowers or prefer faux blooms, this tutorial is for you. Melissa is here to help you welcome in the new season with this DIY spring wreath tutorial. You’ll learn how to clip, arrange, and style your favorite flowers into a trendy hoop wreath.


Episode 19: Surprising Uses For WD-40

This spray bottle is known for its ability to and anything. But WD-40 has quite a few more cool tricks up its nozzle. Melissa will show you four different ways that the spray can found in everyone’s cabinets will make your life easier.


Episode 18: How to Use Friction to Open a Jar

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to pry open your jar of pasta sauce before dinner or trying to loosen the too-tight pickle and pearl onion containers you need to open for game night. No need to call on your family members for help—watch Mélanie show you how to open the toughest jars easily.


Episode 17: Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

Trying to figure out how that stunning bouquet last longer? Sami tested a variety of methods—everything from viagra to vodka—to see which one will keep your blooms at their brightest. You may be surprised to see which concoction works best.


Episode 16: The Trick to Removing Carpet Dents

If you’ve ever moved furniture off a rug, you’re probably familiar with the unsightly dents that get left behind. Don't fret! There’s a simple way to eliminate these tiny carpet craters. Watch Sami exactly how.


Episode 15: Lazy Susan Tips and Tricks

These spinning trays aren’t just great for taco night; lazy Susans have quite a few other useful purposes in the home. Sami’s here to help you step up your organization game as she demonstrates a variety of ways to use a lazy Susan—from organizing makeup to making a tabletop bar cart.


Episode 14: How to Remove Candle Wax

We all have those nearly empty candle jars scattered around our homes. The candles can no longer be lit, but tossing the empty vessel seems like a waste. So what can you do? With this simple trick, Melissa will show you how to easily remove leftover wax and your jars.


Episode 13: How to Easily Open Champagne Bottles

When it’s time for a toast, pouring the bubbly is easy, but getting the bottle open? Not so much. No one wants sticky floors, shattered glass, or cork-induced injuries. Sami will break down the easiest way to open a champagne bottle to keep you safe from flying corks.


Episode 12: Festive Napkin Folding

Take to a whole new level this holiday season with some fancy napkin folding. Mélanie will show you how to easily master everything from a simple pocket fold to a Christmas tree so you can add a festive touch to your guest’s place settings.


Episode 11: How to Paint Ornaments

Sprucing up your Christmas tree doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Our favorite holiday tradition? DIYing your own ornaments. Grab your paintbrushes and work alongside Melissa as she walks you through a simple painted ornament craft.


Episode 10: Unique DIY Gift Toppers

Run out of bows? Forgot to buy extra ribbon? Don’t fret! It’s much easier than you think to craft your own unique gift toppers. Follow along as Mélanie teaches you how to personalize your gift and make it look anything but basic.


Episode 9: The Trick to Folding a Fitted Sheet

If you’re anything like us, your spare fitted sheets are most likely balled up and shoved in the back of your linen closet. The combination of elastic band and rounded corners makes folding these bedding staples much too difficult. Don’t sweat it—Mélanie will show you how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet once and for all.


Episode 8: How to Make Gourd Vases

Sure, pumpkins and squash taste great in your favorite fall dishes, but they can be used for more things than just your culinary adventures. For a truly unique watch as Mélanie reveals the trick to turning gourds into festive fall vases. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces will be the talk of your fall get-together.


Episode 7: Condiments You Can Clean With

Condiments! Without a doubt, awesome for eating. But do they have a secret, secondary purpose? Watch as Melanie tests whether ketchup and vinegar can double successfully as cleaning agents.


Episode 6: Never Hammer Your Fingers Again!

Your fingers deserve to stay intact! Spare your digits the indignity of being smashed by a hammer during your next home improvement project with these helpful tricks Sami has mastered.


Episode 5: The Best Way to Fold a Hoodie

The hoodie is a wardrobe must-have for all. Let Mélanie teach you the most genius, space-saving method of folding your favorite hoodie so you can give this garment the respect it surely deserves.


Episode 4: Healthy Spooky Snacks

What’s scarier than ghosts, witches, or werewolves? Making a healthy snack that everyone actually enjoys. While we’ll never say “no” to a few handfuls of candy, between trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, kiddos can quickly hit sugar overload. Watch as Melanie creates several delicious and nutritious spooky snacks, perfect for fueling your hungry horde.


Episode 3: No-Sew Last-Minute DIY Costumes

Forgot to buy a Halloween costume? Don't worry! Sami has you covered with four unique Halloween ensembles that require nothing more than a few supplies and a hot glue gun.


Episode 2: Painting Pumpkins With Chalky Paint

No-carve pumpkins are more popular than ever before, and Melissa is here to show you three ways to embrace the trend. Using just a paintbrush and our Chalky Finish Paint, you can turn your pumpkins into modern works of art—gourd-geous!


Episode 1: The Secret to Removing Stubborn Stickers

Why is it that the ugliest stickers are the hardest to remove?! Melanie knows a relatively mess-free method of removing stubborn stickers from all types of surfaces, and the key is a common household item pretty much everyone owns.