Krylon Announces 12 Colors of the Year for 2021

With colors that range from calming to bright, they are sure to inspire projects

Krylon 2021 Colors of the Year Swatches


When it comes to color and design in 2021, it’s no wonder that designers and influencers alike are hoping for brighter days ahead. Leading spray paint manufacturer Krylon announced its their 2021 colors of the year, and we can safely say that with their help, we’ll all be armed and ready for crafting and home updates.

As an innovating leader of color, Krylon understands the art of restoring and refreshing. Inspired by “artists, nature, modern floral artistry, and history,” the company has pulled together a palette of 12 distinctive colors that they believe will “define design trends in the coming year.”

“Home has been redefined this year as a place to work, exercise, relax, and express our creativity,” said Sue Kim, color marketing manager at Krylon. “Color has the power to calm us, motivate us, and to provide healing at the end of the day. Our 2021 color palette is a reflection of this desire to create spaces that combat the fear of uncertainty and inspire moments of calm and happiness.”

Drawing from our collective “quest for tranquility, nostalgia, and escape,” these 12 shades are the colors Krylon believes will get us through the coming year.

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    Satin Terracotta

    Krylon Satin Terracotta


    Look to this “colorful neutral” to add a “soft, yet bold look.” 

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    Gold Metallic

    Gold Metallic by Krylon


    Consider a “softly spun gold” that “elevates any ordinary project into a timeless piece.”

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    Satin Jade

    Krylon Satin Jade


    This “symbol of peace and calm… gives a nod to vintage.” 

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    Satin Pistachio

    Krylon Satin Pistachio


    As a shade connected “to nature and the lush outdoors,” this pick serves as “a restful and nurturing tone.”

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    Matte Ink Blue

    Matte Ink Blue by Krylon


    This dynamic finish is bound to “help to update and rejuvenate any space.”

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    Satin Peacock Blue

    Satin Peacock Blue Krylon


    As a “midnight forest shade” with “a velvety feel,” this bold pick will provide “a darker, more dramatic tone” to any project.

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    Matte Black

    Matte Black by Krylon


    Thanks to a lusterless finish, this choice is “perfect for architecture, creating a striking contrast with natural surroundings.”

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    Chalky Finish Classic White

    Chalky Finish Classic White by Krylon


    A “soft-touch, matte brushed finish helps to diversify this refined shade”  and “capture minimalistic Scandinavian style.”

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    Gloss Bright Idea

    Gloss Bright Idea by Krylon


    Noted as an “uplifting shade of yellow,” this hue serves as a “playful addition” and “helps to create impactful and optimistic spaces.”

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    Matte Soft Lilac

    Matte Soft Lilac by Krylon


    “Purple hues are known to signify strength, peace, and wisdom, creating a balanced space that exudes stillness and mindful living.”

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    Gloss Baby Blue

    Gloss Baby Blue by Krylon


    Picked for its huge popularity, “pale and pastel shades of mint green and sky blue” are widely beloved.

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    Gloss Coral Isle

    Gloss Coral Isle by Krylon


    “Fiery coral remains a key color for a bright and playful approach.” Kylon added this pick for its “synthetic, modern, and technical quality,” and notes that it’s to be used to “conjure up feelings of well-being, comfort, and reassurance.”

While we all have high hopes for a better 2021, Krylon is here to help us at least make it brighter.