Alphabetical List of Free Quilt Block Patterns

A Quick Reference to My Quilt Block Patterns

I've had lots of requests for an alphabetical list of quilt block patterns, but this list is just one of the ways you can find block patterns on the quilting site, and it is just a sample -- there are many more quilt block patterns than you'll see listed below.

To find even more blocks:

  • Take a look at another list that links to quilt block patterns by size and specific type.
  • Browse the patterns galleries, all with thumbnail images of all blocks. That's a good option, since you might not...MORE be familiar with some of the names -- images help you find just the best block design for your needs. As the galleries grew, they became a bit large, so they're separated alphabetically, too. Blocks A through E | Blocks F through L | Blocks M through S | Blocks T through Z
  • As gallery indexes grow, I might need to separate them even more, but you'll find links to each on the pages linked above.
  • Browse the quilt patterns archive, an index of patterns for entire quilts where you'll find many more blocks that can be used individually.

I often include more than one finished size in my quilt block patterns, and sometimes add instructions to make multiple quilt blocks. A few things you'll find in all of my patterns -- detailed instructions and illustrations that take you through assembly in a step-by-step manner.