Alternative Sports for Your Unique Kid

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    There are More Sports than Baseball, Soccer and Football

    Alternative Sports

    Just because your school doesn't offer all sports, doesn't mean your kid can not explore those sports as an option as well.  Not every kid wants to play baseball, soccer or football.  Check out these other sports and offer other options to get your kids active.  Vincent Van Gogh once said, "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?".  

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    Young skateboarder jumping at a skate park.
    Daniel Milchev/Stone/Getty Images

    Skateboarding has been around for such a long time.  It encourages your kids to get outside and move.  Skateboarding is a sport and is suitable for girls as much as it is suited for boys.  There are skate parks everywhere these days and most of these skate parks are free!  With proper safety equipment and a skateboard, your kid will be set to roll! 

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    Ice hockey team standing in a row on ice rink
    Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

    As a kid, I grew up watching Hockey.  I never dreamed that as a girl that I could play too.  Well, guess what, girls and boys can both play hockey!   There are ice hockey teams as well as rollerblading hockey teams.  

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    Two Young Boxers Sharing a Moment.
    Frank Gaglione/DigitialVision/Getty Images

    Boxing is an intense sport.  I still consider taking it up myself and would be thrilled if any of my kids expressed an interest.   

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    Woman archer
    Nguyen Anh Tu/Moment/Getty Images

    I remember as a kid that archery was something that scouting encouraged and I loved every minute of it.  I am planning on setting my girls up to pursue this sport as well.

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    Jr. Roller Derby

    Tampa Bay Junior Derby roller derby kids
    By User:DSC_6667_pp [ CC BY 2.0], Flickr

    Yes, roller derby still exists and yes it is a real sport!  In fact, you'll be seeing Roller Derby in the Olympics!  There are female teams, male teams, and co-ed teams.  My children happen to play roller derby on a co-ed Jr. Roller Derby team from North Texas called the Rolling Rebellion.  So, help your kids to find their tribe, even if it isn't on the school sports team.