Alternatives to Painting Bedroom Walls

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Give your bedroom walls a makeover without painting them. There's no need to make permanent changes to impact your room. The following ideas can be easily removed without damaging the walls.

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    Fabric Walls

    Fabric walls

    You can even put a beautiful fabric on one or more of your walls to take the place of paint. If you choose to upholster your bedroom walls, the instructions are simple. Use a lightweight fabric, such as a 100 percent cotton, plus craft or laundry starch to adhere the cloth to your walls. When you're redecorating or need to move, peel the fabric off the walls and wipe away the starch residue. 

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    Washi Wall Art

    Washi tape walls
    Anne Kelle

    Japanese washi tape works wonders on your bedroom walls. The rice paper tape is self-adhesive and easily removable with no residue left behind. It comes in a range of colors, designs, and widths. Using a steady hand and a level, washi tape creates striking or playful designs on your bedroom walls. Add color with a playful rainbow of horizontal stripes, or add a hint of elegance with sophisticated stripes in burnished metallic tape. Liven up a child’s bedroom with cheerful brights that spell out a name. From simple murals to geometric designs, washi wall art is fun to create. If you mess up your design, it comes off your wall easily without damaging the paint underneath. Find washi tape at most craft stores, or purchase from the specialty shop, Cute Tape.

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    Removable Wall Decals

    Wall decal
    Innovative Stencils

    From playful to elegant, removable wall decals have come a long way. Find realistic nature scenes and themes, quotes, abstract patterns, and sports motifs. Choose one wall for your decal. Behind the bed is a popular spot for a large-scale decal, such as the birch tree winter forest scene in the bedroom above, available from Innovative Stencils. Add a "window" in a bedroom with a decal to make it feel like you have a beautiful view outdoors. Or choose a collection of smaller individual shaped decals that you can let meander across your walls and up onto your ceiling, such as birds, butterflies, or flowers. 

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    Draped Fabric Walls

    Draped fabric walls

    A draped fabric wall can greatly impact a bedroom. It creates texture, depth, and adds a touch of luxury to your room. Drapery hides a damaged or stained wall and it can replace your headboard. Make a drape from a favorite fabric, or purchase a floor to ceiling drape that covers the length of one wall. Choose a weighty fabric that drapes gracefully, such as velvet. If you have a large bedroom, create drama by contrasting the draped wall with other painted walls. For small rooms, use fabric that matches the color of your walls for a tone-on-tone look. 

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    A Gallery Wall

    Wall collage

    Photo galleries work in any room of your home, not just the living room. Choose one piece of art or photo as the main focal point, then design the gallery around it. Arrange your frames on a floor or bed before putting a hammer to a nail. You might love the look of an eclectic wall of photos to add color to your room. If you prefer a subdued gallery, use matching frames in similar or varied sizes. The key to an orderly gallery wall is in the spacing. Frames should consistently measure 2 inches or 3 inches apart. Use a pre-cut piece of cardboard to create perfectly uniform spaces between frames. 

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    A Garden Wall

    Floral wall
    Love Your Room

    If you love the perfect look of artificial flowers and want to add a feminine touch to your bedroom, grab a canvas and some hot glue to create your 3D masterpiece. Red roses bring a romantic ambiance to your room while wildflowers add a casual cottage look to the space. Simply choose a large size canvas, buy bunches of artificial flowers, and glue them on until the entire surface is covered, then hang it up. Create a few canvases and use them as tile wall coverings. Clean the dust from your canvas panels frequently by taking them down and gently shaking them outdoors. 

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    Removable Wallpaper

    Murals Your Way

    Many modern wallpapers are easy to install without paste and quick to remove without chemicals. You'll find full-scale murals, landscapes, seascapes, and detailed images of flowers. Place wallpaper on an accent wall or at the head of your bed in addition to your headboard. The delicate magnolia design shown here is a photograph turned into a mural from Murals Your Way. It looks like it was painted directly onto the wall. But it's an 11-feet-wide by 8-feet-high piece of wallpaper that perfectly covers the wall behind the bed.