Amanda Hearn

Amanda Hearn is a magazine writer, publisher, and blogger with a large focus on eco-friendly tactics for a modern lifestyle.


  • Prolific writer and publisher of eco-friendly topics for the home
  • Owner of the Eco-Friendly Family blog and active contributor to many eco-friendly family publications


Amanda Hearn is a former writer for The Spruce, where she wrote about green living for more than two years. She is best known as the voice behind the Eco-Friendly Family blog where she writes about topics like parenting, non-toxic feminine care, chemical safety, and other healthy-living topics.

Hearn is creative director at "Green Child" magazine, which focuses on gentle parenting, Earth-friendly options, and healthy living. She is also director of development at the cloth diaper-lending organization Giving Diapers Giving Hope, and she serves as educator and content creator at the Put A Cup In It website.


Amanda attended The Ohio State University.

Expertise: Green living
Education: The Ohio State University

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