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Amanda Ogle

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Amanda Ogle is a freelance writer and editor covering lifestyle topics. Aside from writing editorial pieces, she focuses on commerce content, content marketing, and blogging. She reviews an array of products, including travel gear such as adapters, fanny packs, and luggage, but has also reviewed home goods such as pots and pans, coffee makers, and more.


  • Master's degree in Journalism
  • Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies
  • Former assistant editor at American Way magazine before going freelance in 2016


Amanda Ogle is a freelance writer and editor who reviews a wide range of products for various publications. For Travel + Leisure, she often reviews travel products such as luggage, backpacks, hiking boots, and clothing. For Treehugger, she wrote about sustainable products such as fair-trade chocolate, cast iron pans, and soy candles. As a frequent traveler, environmental steward, and homeowner, she reviews lots of products within these realms that she feels make travel easier, our world a bit better, and our homes a bit comfier.

Favorite Review:

My favorite review so far has been one on zipperless luggage. It's a topic I've never really thought about, despite how much I travel. I always have zippered luggage, which eventually wears down and breaks. But zipperless luggage can change the game and last for years.


Amanda has a master's degree in journalism from the University of North Texas. She also has her bachelor's degree in communication studies from Tarleton State University.

Education: University of North Texas, Tarleton State University
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Title: Freelance Writer

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