Amazing "Alice in Wonderland" Dolls That Will Charm You and Your Child

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    Why Does Alice Matter?

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Betsie Van der Meer

     The 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has unleashed a media frenzy. The book, published in 1865 by Charles Dodgson (using the Carroll pen name), endures as a beloved classic in children's literature. Beyond the century-and-a-half of reading about Alice as a bedtime storybook, her escapades have been turned into live-action movies, cartoons, musicals, and Tim Burton's extravaganza. But why does Alice continue to impress and invite so much...MORE fascination? 

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    Alice Adapts to Every Era

    Courtesy of Madame Alexander Doll Company

    For a heroine who's been kicking around for 150 years, Alice remains eternally young. Since she is constantly inspiring new designers and artists, Alice never becomes boring! This 2015 Madame Alexander rendering of Alice demonstrates how she can morph into any age, style or fashion sensibility. Kids respond to this. Your children are constantly changing--growing by inches and feet over the course of a summer. Alice's fantasy adventures are easy for them to identify with and cheer. Down...MORE the rabbit hole, her size is always shifting! Your child will relate.

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    Alice Is a Hero to Both Girls and Boys

    Courtesy of Mattel

     When Alice confronts the quirky characters who inhabit Wonderland, she's never at a loss for words. At a tea party, she's assertive, brave and quick to defend herself and others. Hardly ever losing her sense of self, she adjusts to her "curiouser and curiouser" surroundings. Alice is a role model for girls and boys. She proves that children can be thrust into unusual and sometimes scary situations--be understandably rattled--but emerge smart, strong and safe. Alice is a great...MORE primer for first day at school, moving to a new neighborhood or going into an anxiety-riddled setting. Here, Alice's son--Alistair Wonderland  from Mattel's Happily Ever After line--carries on his mother's legacy.

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    Alice Learns that Everyone Is Different

    Courtesy of Mattel

     When your child joins a dance class, goes to a library reading or signs up for the soccer team, he or she is going to meet people different from the usual school friends, family members and next-door neighbors. Encountering new people can be frightening. Alice illustrates how visiting with a vanishing cat, a punctuality-challenged rabbit and a very boisterous Queen of Hearts can be a little disconcerting, but ultimately memorable. Mattel's Ever After High doll, Madeline Hatter, has her...MORE father's fashion sense and kooky sensibility. She teaches Alice to embrace the difference and the different!

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    Alice Is Recognizable and Resilient

    Courtesy of Tonner Doll Company

     Batman is recognized a mile away via his bat signal in the sky. Superman's "S," which is prominently emblazoned on his chest, tags him as the "man of steel." Same thing with Alice! Her pastel blue dress, her pinafore, her striped stockings and long hair instantly identify her as that mischievous young lady. If superheroes jump into danger and leap into unknown situations, Alice qualifies! Robert Tonner's brand-new doll depiction of Alice has the familiarity that children...MORE crave and respond to. She "looks" like Alice. From her clean, starched costuming alone, children who read (or are read to) know that she's ready to tackle adventures. 

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    Alice Doesn't Discriminate

    Courtesy of Madame Alexander Doll Company

    Charles Dodgson was a mathematician; Lewis Carroll was his literary alter ego. When he wrote the book, he peppered it with a landscape brimming with puns and poetry, funny dialogue and comedic peril. All genders, backgrounds and ages react to these elements. Older children get the subtle humor, while younger children giggle at the outrageous activities. Madame Alexander knows this and doesn't want any child to be left out of an Alice "affair." In time for the 150th anniversary, and...MORE before the new Disney CGI film, comes this huggable, baby-friendly soft version.