Amazing Places to Find Luxury Bedding

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. That's a lot of hours in bed.​ It stands to reason, then, that we should invest in making this place as comfortable as possible, right? You want a supportive mattress that keeps you from waking up in pain. You want a pillow that feels like resting your head upon a cloud. and your sheets? They should feel like heaven!

While it's certainly possible to make a comfortable bed on a budget, if you're ready to splurge, you will be rewarded. Luxury bedding will give your bedroom that extra, this-could-be-a-five-star-hotel vibe. (Especially because many of these brands really do supply bedding for luxury hotels around the globe.)

From classic (Frette) to contemporary (Parachute), we rounded up the best places you can buy luxury bedding online. Go ahead—treat yourself!

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     Pratesi on Instagram

    With perhaps a more storied history than any of the other brand on our list, Pratesi has a reputation as a company that provides "the linens of the stars." From Elizabeth Taylor to Nan Kemper, the Pratesi family (and family name) have always been intertwined with luxury, celebrity and the upper crust of society.

    And on that note—why shouldn't you have a piece of that decadent lifestyle for yourself? While not available to shop online through the brand's website, you can shop for their linens from retailers like Bloomingdale's and The Linen Tree. From their Hotel Sweet Hotel collection to the now iconic Paradise cotton collection that debuted in the 1990s, these are considered to be some of the finest linens on the planet. Now if that isn't luxury...

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    Anichini on Instagram 

    With a global sensibility and collections full of vibrant colors and patterns, you might be surprised to learn that Anichini is actually an American linen company. Based in Turnbridge, Vermont, they source textiles from all over the world that are turned into luxe linens by skilled local craftswomen in a farmhouse that dates back to 1860! They call them the "heirlooms of tomorrow," which is an idea we love.

    Along with deliciously comfortable sheet sets, they also offer luxurious cashmere throws, quilts, coverlets and down duvets and pillows.

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    Peacock Alley

    Peacock Alley 

    ​We'll get to the linens in a moment, but first we have to give a special nod to the origins of Peacock Alley's name. Founder Mary Ella Gabler named the brand after a marble corridor in the famed Waldorf Astoria hotel where the well-to-do visitors would gather at the turn of the century. Gabler got her start when she sold a collection of quilted pillows to Neiman Marcus in 1973. Since then, the brand has built its reputation on producing high-quality linens that evoke the sophisticated, elegant energy of The Upper East Side.

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    Bellino Fine Linens

    Bellino Fine Linens

    Bellino has been making ridiculously luxurious linens for bed, bath, and the table for 25 years. They have a reputation as one of the most distinguished luxury bedding brands in the industry and have a huge range of bed linens from sateen to percale, matélasse and Irish linen. They also offer bespoke (custom) services that allow you to personalize your bed set. (Though a ready-to-wear sheet set will be far less costly.)

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    Frette on Instagram

    Ah, Frette. Is there any other brand more synonymous with luxurious bedding? You'll find their sheets on beds at prestige hotels and resorts like The Ritz Carlton collection, The Carlyle in New York City and Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy. Founded in 1860, this storied brand is the way to go if you want to be able to name-check your luxurious bedding to all your friends and guests.

    Frette has a variety of collections to suit whatever high-end aesthetic you're dreaming of—from their crisp, clean hotel collection to Riviera and Jungle collections that fuse classic craftsmanship with a bolder set of colors and patterns.

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    Yves Delorme

    Luxury bedding from Yves Delorme
    Yves Delorme

    ​As is the case with so many of these luxury linen brands, Yves Delorme comes from a storied past. The story begins with a couple in Lille, France, who opened a textile mill in the late 1800s. Fast-forward to 1980, and that family-run joined forces with their now-namesake, a home stylist by the name of Yves Delorme.

    Today, Yves Delorme is still infused with a sense of history and French sensibilities, sateen bedding (among other fabrications) is perfectly complemented by bath linens, lingerie, throws, and decorative pillows as well. And while the offerings from this iconic brand have grown and expanded over the past century, their commitment to quality and luxury has never changed.