Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds

Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds
Manuel Sulzer/ Cultura/ Getty Images

We love coffee, and as naturally minded people we hate waste. Thankfully coffee grounds are one of those things that you'll want to reuse because they have so many great uses! Here are just a few to get you started.

1. Soil Supplement

Add coffee grounds to the soil (up to a 50/50 mix!) to help boost acid loving plants like:

  • Azaleas
  • Beech Trees
  • Begonia 
  • Blueberry Bushes
  • Caladium 
  • Dogwood Trees 
  • Gardenias 
  • Holly 
  • Japanese Iris 
  • Magnolia Trees 
  • Rhododendrons 
  • Roses
  • Trillium

You can also add to your compost pile to balance the heap — especially if you're adding egg shells!

2. Garbage Disposal Deodorizing

Put a tablespoon or two into the sink and run the disposal. Do not do this with a septic system, as anything that leaves sediment can cause blockage down the road.

3. Bug Off

Stock up and sprinkle coffee grounds around your home to help deter unwanted pests!

4. Freshen Your Hands

Have you ever cut up an onion or garlic and had your hands smell for a day? It’s not pleasant. Keep fresh coffee grounds on hand to add to your soap while washing your hands and scrub away the scent!

5. DIY Body Products

Add coffee grounds (not large & course ones) to your body wash (homemade or otherwise) for a lovely scent, antioxidants, and gentle exfoliation.

6. Deodorize Your Home

Dry out the grounds and make a sachet with a coffee filter, scrap of cotton, or even a paper towel. If you'd like added sent, try adding your favorite essential oils (peppermint would be great!) Place under sinks, in the fridge, freezer, and more to absorb odors. Optionally, you can mix with baking soda before closing up your sachet.

7. Get Artsy

Coffee grounds (and tea leaves) can produce lovely colorations to dye fabrics, paper (for a fun antiqued look), eggs, and more. They even make a fun and creative paint!

8. Make Mud Play Dough

Kids love playing with mud, but it’s messy and you may or may not want to dig up your yard and bring it indoors. This version is a cleaner and smells a whole lot better! Get the recipe here.