This Front Entryway Rack Helped Organize My Shoe Collection

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An entryway rack for coats and shoes

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan; Amazon

There are two products—other than home decor items—I can't stop buying: shoes and coats. I could easily create a thorough 50-slide deck on why both are the best wardrobe components over anything else. While I have quite a big collection, it's not so cute having them piled up in front of my apartment door. My closet wasn't taking new resident applications (well, it didn't really have the space to), meaning I was in desperate need of front entryway storage.

Apartment dwellers and those living in smaller space don't often have large coat closets or vast hallways with plenty of room for garment racks, including myself. Even so, the original compact shoe rack that was sitting in my hall was weighed down with way too many shoes and was practically pleading for some relief. My hallway is pretty narrow as it is but it was clear that a rack would be necessary.

Of course, my top requirement was something that offered ample storage space. Besides that, I had a couple of hopes when searching for a rack. I like modern furniture, but I wanted something a little warmer since everything else my apartment came with a different shade of white or gray. Space was also a slight concern. I wasn't interested in climbing over a shoe rack every day or overwhelming the already small space. That's when I came across the VASAGLE entryway rack. It wasn't a hulking shelf, but it provided way more storage options than a standard shoe rack or coat tree.

VASAGLE DAINTREE 3-in-1 Entryway Coat Rack and Storage Bench

Front entryway shoe and coat rack


Once it arrived, I broke it out and assembled it in roughly 45 minutes. Save for the classic annoyances that come with flat pack furniture, it was pretty much a breeze to put together. What I loved most was that there were two rows of hooks, not just one, and two shoe shelves, which I turned into three by using the floor space beneath the rack.

Even more impressive was the bar running the length of the top. Although I don't store outerwear there daily, it's extremely convenient when guests stay over, when I need to let a raincoat dry off, or when my laundry rack is too full for drying anything else.

The rack is undoubtedly one of my best home purchases to date. Still, the real test was going to be when winter arrived. My collection of almost-sleeping-bag puffers, long wool coats, and cropped jackets all needed space. My items couldn't swallow the rack whole either, as my partner also needed a small patch of space for his modest two coats.

During our chilly autumn and winter season, it wholeheartedly delivered. Living in the UK, I've found that the rain and cold seem to last from September to June (brutal) and the rack managed to hold every heavy, sopping wet coat and pair of shoes through it all.

Though the shoe racks aren't tall enough for rubber rain boots (leather ones can be slid in successfully), they're perfect for storing muddy, wet, and snow-laden shoes. The black grates show very little dirt and allow water to drip off, which I can quickly wipe up with a mop or towel.

Shoe rack detail


The rack is also easy enough to move around or slide to a different part of the hallway. Don't be fooled by its light weight though. It remains sturdy even heaped with clothes and shoes, and I've had no issues with it tipping over or bowing under pressure. I've had it for over a year now and it hasn't shown any signs of wear or tear. I'll occasionally dust it down, but it hasn't needed any major cleaning or retightening of bolts and screws.

Its size also worked out fantastically well. Because it's only 15.5 inches wide, my narrow hallway could handle it without feeling too cramped. The brand offers a couple of different sizes, too, for entryways that might want something a touch smaller.

I'm not the only one who's super thankful for this unit either. It has over 1,700 five-star reviews on Amazon and it's clear that its handy shelves, bench, and hooks have made other people's lives easier.

While I may want to consider how much outerwear I actually need, this rack has turned an avalanche of shoes and coats into a tidy, organized entryway.