This Weekly Planner Is My Home's Newest Must-Have

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Weekly planner notepad

Product: Amazon / Illustration: The Spruce

As a kid, I distinctly remember being irritated when grown-ups would crack jokes amongst themselves about wishing the summer away. Unfortunately, my own time has come. I’m a joke-cracking grown-up who thrives under a solid routine and defined schedule. I cannot wait for my kids to get back to school—and I'm positive that I would not be able to keep track of everyone without this weekly planner notepad.

Scribble & Dot Weekly Planner Pad

Weekly Planner Pad


Even though I love knowing exactly how the day is supposed to go, mapping out four different schedules has proven itself to be tricky once school is in session. With two children, I'm constantly juggling varying drop-off and pick-up times and after-school clubs, all stacked against fluid childcare requirements. Throw in my husband's work travel and my own slightly unpredictable freelance schedule...and, well, it's a lot.

It can quickly feel unmanageable—and it often falls on me to keep us all in line. I’ve long been on the hunt for the perfect solution, and this notepad is the closest it gets.

I’ve read all the digital hacks—create a family Google calendar, sync your calendar up with your Alexa. I’m sure these work for most families, but as easy as digitizing everything can be, if I don’t force myself to review my calendar, I’ll start to ignore it. It’s sort of like how your alarm clock stops being effective once you’re used to the noise. 

Instead, with a physical notepad, I’ve turned it into a part of our weekly routine. There’s something about sitting down together on a Sunday morning, looking at the week ahead, and writing it all out. Then, we tack it up onto the bulletin board in our kitchen, and it serves as our daily reference. When we’re really in a groove, a lot of it is just copying over the same information.

When you search for a weekly planner notepad—be it on Amazon or elsewhere—tons of options abound. Some come with stickers, others have sections for each family member. The true perfection of this notepad is in the simplicity of its design—I don’t have to plan the day by the hour if I don’t want to. When my husband is traveling, I’ll put it in block letters across the days, and the rest of our schedule will follow. When our childcare is different, I’ll make note of that in big block letters at the bottom of each day, so that my husband and I can plan accordingly.

The true perfection of this notepad is in the simplicity of its design—I don’t have to plan the day by the hour if I don’t want to.

Along with the daily breakdown, I’m also a huge fan of the notes section. There, I’ll highlight anything from meal plan ideas to random errands to anything that we need to keep in mind for the following week. 

Do things still fall through the cracks? Of course. Do we sometimes skip this part of the week entirely? Yes, especially if we go away for the weekend. But, now that the start of school is just a few weeks away, I can’t wait to get these kiddos back in their groove and get this notepad back into mine.