15 Renter-Friendly Products We Found on Amazon

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Every home should feel comfortable, unique, and suited to your personal taste. However, when it comes to rentals, it can often be daunting or tricky to personalize rooms if you don't want to damage walls or have other restrictions from your landlord.

But everyone deserves a home that truly feels like your own, even if it's a temporary rental. With these 15 renter-friendly products, you're guaranteed to have a home you're excited to come back to or host guests in—and they're all available on Amazon.

Command 20 lb Picture Hanging Strips

Pictures are gentle reminders of our favorite memories or our loved ones. If you're living alone or away from your family or friends, hanging pictures around your home can be a way to always feel connected to them. The Command picture hanging strips allows you to hang either your biggest or smallest frames without leaving any wall damage when it's time to take them down.

OAPRIRE Small Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves

OAPRIRE Small Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves


Bring some color and functionality into your space with these brightly colored floating shelves. They come in a pack of two and in five different colors, so you can pick and choose which shelf fits your decor. The mount shelves can be easily attached to any wall with the adhesive tape and be an eye-catching decor piece for holding small plants, art sculptures, or any other miscellaneous items that need a space to be placed.

Kwik-Hang Single Curtain Rod Brackets

Kwik-Hang Single Curtain Rod Brackets


Drilling leaves empty holes within your walls and without being properly filling and covering them up, they can be a real eye-sore for the next tenants or your landlord. These rod brackets securely attach to any wooden bar, so you can freely hang curtains without drilling any holes.

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Bare Decor

Floor replacements are both costly and time-consuming, which may not be an ideal combination when you're living in your rental for a short duration of time. However, that doesn't mean you have live with bleak or stained floors. Give your space a sleek makeover with these wooden interlocking tiles, which don't involve any complicated installation instructions. They can be placed in any room and are easily detachable when it's time to move out.

ODesign Adhesive Shower Caddy Basket Shelf

ODesign Adhesive Shower Caddy Basket Shelf with 4 Hooks


Whether your bathroom is small or you're in need of more storage, a shower caddy shelf is the perfect solution to maximize shower space. The caddy allows you to have all of your shower essentials in one place due to its spacious design. The best part? It doesn't require any screws to install, so you can securely attach it to your bathroom walls without having to worry about any damage left behind.

E BAVITE Magnetic Hooks 25LB

 E BAVITE Magnetic Hooks 25LB for Cruise, Grill, Towel, Indoor Hanging, Kitchen, Workplace, Mikede Office and Garage


Hooks are a great alternative to hanging kitchen utensils, home decor, keys, or even cleaning supplies_the possibilities are endless. Attach these hooks to any magnetic surface around the house, and you've got yourself another spot to hang your items instead of letting them lie around, making a mess.

Dimoon Removable Green Waterproof Stick and Peel Wallpaper

Dimoon stick and peel wallpaper


Color is a major home feature—it can affect your mood, make your home look more spacious, and elevate the look of your place. And in an apartment, it's not always possible to paint your walls. This removable and waterproof stick and peel wallpaper can be used to dress up your walls or cabinets, and give it a refreshing, upgraded look without the long-term commitment. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can customize your rental just the way you like it.

Poeland Floating Shelf Wall

Poeland wall shelves


Attachable shelves are an easy way to create more storage for your space and help you stay organized. These chic shelves come in multiple pieces and can be attached to wherever they're needed. Whether it be the bathroom for keeping your products tidy or your room for organizing your everyday clutter, it can be used anywhere you need extra storage.

Kulemax Mop and Broom Holder

Kulemax Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mount Heavy Duty


Cleaning is key to maintaining your home, but where do you store all of your supplies? Properly hang your cleaning equipment with this stainless utilities holder that will hold everything in one place and be easily accessible. The holder can also be used to organize garage, laundry, and garden accessories.

BAIEUEJO 360 °Rotation Utility Hooks

Rotation Utility Hooks


This rotation utility hook only has to be installed once, but you reap the benefit of it holding six utilities or accessories altogether. It saves time and reduces clutter since you can rotate it to whatever utility you need to use. Its compact design is also perfect for small spaces or open cabinets, so you can subtly place it wherever you need it.

HIBOITEC Wireless Rechargeable Cabinet Lights

Under the cabinet lights


Nobody likes dark spaces—it's difficult to find what you're looking for and it can be harder to move around swiftly. Instead of committing to a whole light fixture or lamp that'll need an outlet, consider these rechargeable lights. They can be attached under the cabinets, in your closets, or by any staircase to give you a well-lit space.

Art3d 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash

Courtesy of Amazon

Using tiles for a kitchen backsplash is classic and timeless. White tiles also make the kitchen easier to decorate with since most colors complement white. This easy peel and stick method doesn't require any DIY experience and be easy to take down if you change your mind down the line.

NOVETE Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Novete portable dishwasher


You may have been lucky enough to have a dishwasher once you moved into your new rental. But if not, this may be the next best option. Dirty dishes can be a headache, especially after a long day, so ease your chore responsibilities with a portable dishwasher. By following a few simple instructions, your dishes and cups will be squeaky clean after a full cycle. No matter where you move next, dirty dishes won't be a problem.

Niviy Etched Privacy Window Film Frosted Glass

Niviy Etched Privacy Window Film Frosted Glass


Privacy is a big component of feeling comfortable in your own home. Sometimes, curtains are either impossible to install in your rental or it doesn't fit your style. A frosted film glass is a great alternative to hanging curtains because it gives you the same amount of privacy, without it completely blocking the natural light beaming through your windows. It's also as easy to stick on and is to remove when you have to move out.

Hcbyae Chalkboard Wall Sticker Blackboard Decor

Chalkboard Wall Sticker Blackboard Decor


If you're a forgetful person, this chalkboard wall sticker may be the solution in helping you remember what chores need to be completed or your daily to-do's. It's also a customizable decor piece where you can showcase your own artistic ability or guests can write personal messages when they come over.

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