This Amazon Storage System Has Completely Transformed My Small Closet

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A white organizer with 5 drawers and wheels

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

As someone who's lived in many city apartments over the past decade, I've learned how to get creative and make the most of storage solutions. That said, I've always struggled with clothing storage in particular. In apartments, closet space is generally limited, and there isn't always room to fit a full-sized dresser in the bedroom, either.

Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization, 5 drawer

White organizer with 5 drawers and wheels


When I moved into my current apartment a couple of years ago, I wasn't all too worried about finding a place for my day-to-day outfits—I had a small dresser that would do the job when it came to stashing away gym clothes, jeans, and everyday t-shirts and tops, while other items could easily live on hangers. However, I didn't want to use up one of my precious full-sized drawers for smaller clothing items such as undergarments, swimsuits, socks, and things of that nature. There had to be some sort of small space-friendly solution that wouldn't break the bank and would be aesthetically pleasing!

While browsing Amazon, I came across the perfect solution in the form of this five-drawer storage unit (it's available in a seven-drawer configuration, too). I took some measurements and realized that I could easily place this in my closet without sacrificing hanging space, as my nice shirts and blazers can comfortably fit above it. Let me just say that I couldn't be happier that I purchased this piece (and would be more than tempted to order another if space allowed). It's become a game changer due to the sheer amount of clothing it can hold. I use two drawers to house undergarments, another to hold socks, and the fourth to hold smaller pieces such as camisoles and swimsuits. The final drawer is perfect for housing things like extra handbag-sized umbrellas, cosmetic cases for travel, and the like. Getting ready always feels super easy thanks to this storage system, and putting away laundry always feels like a breeze, too.

storage shelf with five drawers

Sarah Lyon

If you're lucky enough to have ample clothing storage in your home, keep in mind that this piece could serve a number of other purposes. For example, you could place it in a hall closet and use it to store craft supplies, small hardware, extra phone chargers, miscellaneous cords, and so on. If you have a sizable bathroom, you could place one of these systems in there and divvy up hair tools, makeup, and other getting-ready essentials by category (I dream of the day I'll have enough space to do this). I could also envision using this system in a home office, particularly if your desk doesn't offer much drawer space. The silhouette of the piece is super attractive and the drawers are quite sturdy, so you could really work it into any room of the home based on your needs.

This storage system is available on Amazon and ships in just two days with Prime, so if you've caught the organization bug and are eager to get started getting your home into tip-top shape, you can easily do so in just a matter of days.