I Tried These Undercounter Bins and They Are Everything

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undercounter organizing bins

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

Ever try to find a specific cleaning product under the sink and have to dig through all the bottles and other things that go there to hide? I solved this problem with these under-counter bins from Amazon.

I have long struggled with the kitchen sink cabinet being a mix of window cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, and an ever-growing posse of cleaning wipes. It’s difficult to see everything and what I have, so I always end up picking up more wipes or sponges because I assume I'm running low—they are an absolute necessity with three kids, two dogs, and a cat. Then, when I get home and I'm rummaging through, I will discover the backstock of products. I made it a mission to find a real solution that'll help me see everything I need while also being easily accessible when I need to clean the house or remove a tough stain.

Giergt Under Sink Organizers and Storage

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As it turns out, there are an overwhelming number of choices for all manner of storage containers and I've tried plenty.

I had already tried regular clear bins like the ones you would use to store a pair of shoes. The problem with those is that there is a lot of wasted space in doing so because of the height of such bins. 

So I tried some plastic shelving that had a stair step design, the type you would use in a spice cabinet. The depth of the shelving was awkward and not a good fit for the spray-type cleaning bottles that had apparently reproduced under the sink.

I also tried stacking another set of bins on top of the first ones but that was no good either. I ended up taking most of them out from under the sink to find the right one. I had previously purchased a metal rolling cart that I use to store my office supplies and lamented that I couldn’t find something similar that would fit neatly under the sink. But with a little more searching, I came across the Giergt under sink organizers from Amazon.

After I placed my order, the two-pack of plastic units came the next day. I was ridiculously excited about the kitchen storage that landed on the front porch. Assembly was a snap, literally. In less than 10 minutes, I had both of them put together and was ready to get everything organized under the sink. It took much longer to pull out all of my house-cleaning supplies than it did to assemble the bins.

The plastic used for the bins is reinforced and much sturdier than other storage solutions I have tried for this area of the house. According to the manufacturer, the stainless steel brackets that hold the legs in place have a powered coating that reduces the risk of corrosion. It's important for it to be of good quality when the product will be placed directly next to the plumbing.

After clearing out my previous, inadequate storage solutions and tossing out some of the product containers, I got busy organizing. I had only disposed of four bottles of cleaners that I never used and given away four others to some neighbors, so imagine my surprise when all the rest of my cleaning things fit like a dream! I was actually able to take cleaning supplies I had tucked in the bathrooms and consolidate everything in one place. All this space and I could still access all the cleaners easily. 

This set of bins also came with four plastic hooks, which I used to hang my dusting tool and favorite dish towels. The cupholder-like bin that was also included in the package was the perfect spot to stash cleans scrubbers that I use to scrub tough stains. 

I put one cart on each side of my sink plumbing, which left a nice space in the middle where I can get a good view of all of the products. Even though these particular double-tiered bins don’t have wheels like some of the other types I have seen, accessing my items isn’t a problem anymore. I can see everything easily and get a good idea of what product might be running low so I can replenish my stock and be on top of house cleaning.