Who Are The American Girl BeForever Dolls?

American Girl dolls are popular 18 inch dolls children like to collect.  American Girl BeForever dolls are from various historical eras. There are other dolls to collect that are more modern and part of a contemporary collection, too.  The dolls can be bought online or in one of the 20 American Girl retail stores nationwide.  The dolls arrive with a book that shares their unique story.

In 1986, American Girl historical dolls were originally launched by the Pleasant Company. They featured 3...MORE different 18-inch fashion dolls, Kristin, Samantha, and Molly. The entire line now features 10 different dolls to choose from.

Every doll is from a different historical period. In every story, shared through each chapter book, children read about an issue, obstacle or challenge the girl faces. They also learn about different historical time periods, too. 

The chapter books give readers insight into various eras of time that each girl lived. The stories are factual and involve real historians. The stories encourage girls to practice what they read about in their day-to-day lives, as they make new friends, try a new craft or activity, or help others in the community.

Many young girls will be encouraged to dream and achieve, by reading these unique, and relatable stories. New dolls are often introduced, while other dolls retire and can not be purchased new.

For children who may not be interested in the historical doll collection, there are many other types of dolls available from American Girl. I Younger girls, ages 5-7 might enjoy playing with the WellieWishers dolls. The Bitty Baby dolls make great first baby dolls for toddlers. There are also more contemporary, modern-day dolls, too.

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    Who Are The BeForever Dolls

    American Girl BeForever Historical Dolls
    American Girl

    10 dolls are featured in the American Girl BeForever line and they include Felicity, Melody, Maryellen, Julie, Kit, Rebecca, Samantha, Kaya, Josefina, and Addy. Dolls in the BeForever line portray the story of a girl in a distinct historical era. Accessories, furniture and historically accurate clothing are available for purchase. Dolls are highly collectible. New dolls are introduced, while others are retired.

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    BeForever Journey Books

    American Girl Samantha Doll and Book
    American Girl

    There are many "classic" stories about the girl in her historical period, but there are also the BeForever Journey books. These stories feature a modern day girl who travels back in time to meet the character, and share in the adventure. Readers have the option to choose their own ending.

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    Special Outfits and Toys

    American Girl Melody Ellison's recording studio
    American Gril

    In addition to the books, dolls and beautiful outfits, each doll has numerous toy accessories that children can use to enhance their play.

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    New American Girl BeForever Clothing

    American Girl BeForever Outfits
    American Girl

    Utilizing the new inspired clothing of the dolls, these fashionable outfits have been designed specifically for young girls to wear. Each outfit will match their dolls, but also includes modern day flair. Little girls love to wear clothing that matches their dolls.

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    American Girl Retail Store Experiences

    American girl

    Aside from specific arts and crafts kits available within retail stores, as with any launch of a new doll, there are special activities for children to partake in when they visit any of the American Girl Place retail stores nationwide. Please visit the website of the store to find out a specific  schedule of activities. 

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    Live-Action Specials

    Gabriela McBride American Girl Doll of The Year
    Mattel / American Girl

    American Girl dolls are often featured in live-action movie specials which girls and their families may enjoy watching together. The stories are available as DVD's. Many can also be viewed online through tv streaming subscriptions.