7 Best American Girl Construction Toys of 2019

New American Girl Buildable Toy Sets

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American Girl Doll of the Year girls are modern day girls with special talents. Isabelle wants to be a ballerina. Saige loves horses and painting. McKenna is a gymnast who also struggles with learning to read. Nikki appreciates the outdoors and taking care of animals. 

These Mega Bloks sets will include both small and large sets that appeal to young girls who love American Girl and construction toys, and to those who want to buy gifts within a budget.

There will be some great character sets for under $10. In addition many sets will cost around $30 with the more expensive horse stables and doll houses costing around $75. These larger sets are a great option for a special gift during the holidays or for a birthday party, and an added bonus is that they will also take several hours for kids to put together offering good value for the price paid. 

Construction toys like the American Girl Mega Bloks sets help children build their problem solving skills and their fine motor skills while they look at directions, follow steps, and use their hands to connect the pieces in the proper order. The following are some of the top-rated buildable toy sets on the market today.

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    Best Overall: Grace's 2-in-1 Buildable Home

    American Girl Grace's 2 in 1 Buildable Home and Patisserie

    Grace is a baker, who when she returns from Paris, sells pastries in her french-inspired patisserie. The sets also includes mini figures, Grace, Maddy, and Ella and Grace's French bulldog, Bonbon. 

    Kids love to be spontaneous and have options. Parents like to feel as if they are receiving value when spending their money on toys. This amazing American Girl dollhouse is a 2-in-1 build. Children are provided with directions and all of the pieces to choose whether they would like to follow the steps to build Grace's house or her patisserie bakery.

    When putting the pieces together, for kids who like to decorate, they can put decorate rooms that include the living room, kitchen, garden and patio.

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    Best for the Ballerina: Isabelle's Ballet Recital

    Isabelle is an aspiring ballerina. Kids can build her ballet studio, which includes a ballet bar to practice plies, a spinning dance floor, rehearsal area, makeup area with a vanity table and a costume sewing station. The set includes mini figures Isabelle and Luisa.

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    Best for the Animal Lover: Nicki's Horse Stables

    American Girl Nicki's Horse Stables

    Many kids dream of owning a horse, I know I did! American Girl Nicki also enjoys taking care of pets at Twilight Ranch. Children are able to use the pieces to construct the horse stalls and help Nicki brush Jackson's coat and feed her dog, Sprocket. The Nicki minifigure is also able to ride on top of the horse. Maybe American Girl Nicki will ride her horse to Grace's home for pastries?


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    Best for the Art Lover: Saige's Art Studio

    American Girl Saige's Art Studio

    American Girl Saige is a painter. Build and accessorize Saige's art studio with an easel, sliding curtain, glasses of lemonade, paint cans, hanging plants, frames, rugs and paintings.

    Maybe Saige will inspire your child to take out their own arts and crafts supplies or painting materials and inspire them to create something of their own?

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    Best for the Gymnast: McKenna's Gymnastics Training

    American Girl McKenna's Gymnastics Training

    Even though McKenna might struggle to learn to read, she is very athletic and wants more than anything to work hard to win a gold medal. She can practice her bar routine, as well as rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon. When her hard work pays off, she will happily wear her gold medal and stand on the podium with pride.

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    Best for the Fashion Lover: Uptown and Downtown Style Collections

    Downtown Style Collection American Girl Mega Bloks

    Many children like to collect small minifigures. These small mini-dolls are bought in packages of 3. Sets include the small chracters and several items that include mix and match clothing, eye glasses, hair styles, and stylish hand bags. 


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    Best Collectible: Collectible Figures

    American Girl Collectible Figures

    Many little girls collect small toys. While these girls are not hidden in blind bags, there will be different characters girls can collect for under $5. Each small character arrives with some accessories and clothing. The more toys collected, the more options there will be to dress up their dolls with different styles.