American Girl Crafts

Fun, Arts and Crafts Activities for Young Girls

Does your child love American Girl Dolls? If they also like to do arts and crafts, there are several new American Girl crafts that young girls will love to do so they can personalize their own belongings and their favorite American Girl doll.

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    American Girl Super Scrapbook Kit

    American Girl Super Scrapbook Kit
    American Girl Super Scrapbook Kit

    Many parents love scrapbooking and this is a fun way for children to learn the art of scrapbooking their favorite family memories and times spent with their American Girl Doll. This scrapbook album includes 660 pieces. There are 20 designer scrapbook pages, 252 stickers, bubble stickers, journaling stickers, title stickers, cut-out shapes, gem stickers and foam adhesive squares. The child will need to include their own photographs, acid-free adhesive, a pencil and scissors to complete the...MORE project. There are excellent hints included in the book itself that tell the child what size photo they will need to fill the space, how to crop a photo and different ways to personalize their scrapbook. Recommended for ages 8 and up, this scrap book is absolutely beautiful.

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    American Girl Historical Character Kits

    American Girl Felicity Historical Character Kits
    ©American Girl

    These arts and crafts kits are inspired by the individual, collectible American Girl Dolls. Each doll had a favorite craft, based on the era they lived in. There are 6 different historical character kits that focus on weaving, embroidery, painting and string art. Though they are historical activities, they include modern colors and embellishments.

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    This kit allows a child to sew 2 owls, 1 for themselves and a smaller one for their doll, using a needle and embroidery floss. All items needed to complete the project except for scissors, a ruler, and tape measure are included. Recommended for ages 8 and up, this kit has 51 pieces.

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    This craft allows the child to create 1 bag with cute flower buttons. Girls mix and match felt flowers, and sew them onto a button. The bag has multiple button holes, and the child can then re-decorate their bag anytime they like. This kit includes 72 pieces and is recommended for girls ages 8 and up.

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    American Girl Doll Style Set

    American Girl Doll Style Set
    ©American Girl

    Are you having an American Girl Doll party? 4 different guests can craft unique doll handbands and bracelets by mixing, matching and layering felt flowers that are tied together with an elastic band. Recommended for ages 8 and up, this kit has 128 pieces.

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    American Girl Sew & Shares
    ©American Girl

    Sew & Shares encourage girls to place a small note in the special pocket, then sew together two pre-cut fabric pieces. In addition, there is a miniature version of the same craft girls can complete then share with their friends. These smaller versions can additionally be used as decorations, pencil toppers or hair and fashion accessories.

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    American Girl Paper Danglers
    ©American Girl

    This kit with 149 pieces, lets girls create paper hanging decorations that include stick-on embellishments, pom-poms, flowers, hears, stars and messages. Items stick to the decorations using adhesive foam squares, so no glue is required.

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    American Girl Create & Craft Jewelry Keeper
    ©American Girl

    This kit creates a jumbo jewelry organizer utilizing adhesive papers, sparkly gem stickers, bubble stickers, cut-out shapes, stacked stickers, etc. 12 sticker labels help kids organize their jewelry. This kit includes 230 pieces and is recommended for girls ages 8 and up. A glue stick is required but not included in the kit to complete this activity.