American Girl Doll of the Year Lea Clark

American Girl Doll of the Year Lea Clark

Every year, on January 1st, there is a new American Girl Doll of the Year announced. In 2016 many have been excited to meet the American Girl Doll of the Year Lea Clark.

American Girl Dolls are collectible 18 inch dolls. Each doll arrives with a chapter book that tells the story of their life. Each girl has a unique interest and challenge that they overcome. American Girl Dolls of the Year are typically modeled after struggles that modern day girls may be facing.

Receiving a doll from any one of the American Girl collections is a rite of passage for a little girl in her elementary school years. Each year these beautiful fashion dolls are always very popular toys, topping a little girl's holiday wish list. 

Lea Clark is a photographer who loves animals. She happens to take a trip to Brazil. Aside from the doll and books, there are other accessories that can be purchased exclusive to Lea. Lea has tropical clothing and a Rainforest dollhouse. 

In addition to the books, dolls and accessories. American Girl offers other ways for girls to interact with their dolls. They are often featured in movies and paid apps. The American Girl magazine also allows kids to learn about recipes, crafts and to read short stories. The American Girl Place retail store locations throughout the United States may also have special events in store.

A fund raising campaign called Wild at Art encourages girls to host an art sale and donate their proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Those who enter the contest may also win prizes. Lea has 3 stuffed animal friends in her collection, a sloth, margay and sea turtle. Money from the purchase of these individual toys will also help the WWF.

The American Girl Beforever dolls are part of the historical classical series. While these dolls still have a story, they are different than the Girl of the Year dolls.

Their stories are often set in a different decade, so not only are girls learning about values, they might be learning about different places in the United States. They also read about fashion trends and political situations and other issues that faced in those decades.

While other American Girl Dolls like the Beforever dolls can be bought for several years, the American Girl Doll of the Year collection is different. These special, collectible dolls are only available from January 1 - December 31 of the same year, or until dolls are sold out.

While it is most likely more cost effective to buy the doll through American Girl Place or their website, it is possible to buy the American Girl Lea Clark on