American Girl Unveils Plush Animals

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    Introducing Lea Clark, Photographer and Eco Warrior

    Courtesy of American Girl

    American Girl certainly has its fingers on the pulse of what makes young American girls tick. Think about it as a parent. What does your daughter really like? Her friends? Check that as a yes. Her siblings? Well, she probably runs hot or cold about her brothers, depending upon her mood. But her animals? Yes, that's a definite YES. Whether her special critter is a frisky domestic cat, or a beautiful, slinky wildcat, which she's only seen on YouTube, your daughter most likely loves...MORE animals. Everyone has a soft spot for animals at risk--look at those heart-tugging Sarah McLachlan SPCA ads--and young children are no exception. They want to help!

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    Your Child Can Make a Difference

    Courtesy of American Girl

     Many young girls have dreams that are larger than themselves. They want to be involved in a world that is bigger than their own backyard. Having the desire to be good and to do good is a remarkable feat. It should be encouraged, and the American Girl Lea line helps them achieve that. American Girl is suggesting girls band together with friends and host an art show. In support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), American Girl created "Wild at Art," which is a fund-raising campaign slated...MORE to run all year long. The doll company is requesting that girls host arts shows and donate the proceeds to the WWF. Committed to this animal charity, American Girl has already made a $50,000 donation to feather the nest. Parents can register their kids' art shows on the American Girl website, make a donation, and pick up some animal-themed arts-and-crafts ideas.

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    Save the Sea Turtles' Habitat

    Courtesy of American Girl

     Keeping on track with this wildlife theme, American Girl is debuting three snazzy plush animals, which embody both fun and fund-raising. The margay, sloth and sea turtle are on sale, reflecting Lea's new daily encounters. From January through December 31, 2016, American Girl will donate $1 from each sale of these three animals to the World Wildlife Fund. American Girl has pledged to donate up to $100,000 from these sales to the WWF. 

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    A Marvelous Margay

    Courtesy of American Girl

    Because this year's American Girl, Lea Clark, is a 10-year-old wildlife lover and an aspiring photographer, her worldview is filled with exotic fauna and flora, like this adorable margay. On her family's visit to Brazil, she joins her brother, Zach, digging into all manner of environmental escapades. Of course, this backdrop allows for a plethora of unusual and untamed critters to cross her path (and your daughter's, too, through reading). 

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    Lea to the Rescue

    Courtesy of American Girl

    One of the challenges that Lea faces in her Brazil storyline is learning to draw upon strengths she never knew she possessed. She also has to make tough decisions that shake her to the core. In the American Girl companion book Lea Leads the Way, she finds a baby sloth that is gravely injured. Lea's first impulse is to try to nurture the sloth--even though it would be incredibly hard to do. After that, she wonders if it is even the right thing to do. That's a deep and meaningful plot for...MORE your daughter to consider. Once again, the American Girl offers young girls a line of dolls that do more than just entertain. They also educate and inspire.

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    A Home of Her Own

    Courtesy of American Girl

     Your daughter will definitely fall under the sway of Lea's newly adopted homeland. They can act out her adventures with the 30-piece Rainforest House. This dollhouse truly is a wonder to behold. And in the summer of 2016, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release a DVD that will translate Lea's escapades into an eagerly anticipated film for the whole family to enjoy.