American Muscle Grill 36-Inch 5-Burner Dual Fuel Grill

American Muscle Grill 36-Inch 5-Burner Dual Fuel Grill
American Muscle Grill 36-Inch 5-Burner Dual Fuel Grill. Summerset Grills

The Bottom Line

The American Muscle Grill is a large, powerful, and expensive hybrid grill for promises to do it all. The extra deep firebox and the uniquely design set of barrier inserts allow this grill to burn practically any solid fuel from whole logs to wood pellets while still working as a straightforward gas grill. The 110,000 BTU output from the five main burners is impressive, but necessary given the design features.

The cast stainless steel cooking grates are massive and can be flipped over for even more versatility. While the $7,500USD price tag sound hefty, for this style of grill, with these features, this might actually be a bargain.


  • Very powerful grill
  • Charcoal or gas hybrid function
  • Good stainless steel construction


  • Full-width drip pan is not an efficient way of cleaning out ashes


  • Five 22,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • 720 square inches of primary grilling area
  • 110,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Flame tamers work as charcoal baskets
  • Piezoelectric push and turn ignition
  • Cast stainless steel cooking grates
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Hood mounted vents for low-temperature control
  • Two internal halogen lights with lit control panel
  • Cover and propane tank sold separately
  • Available in propane or natural gas
  • Available freestanding or as an insert
  • Optional rotisserie unit has 100-pound capacity
  • Made in the United States 

Guide Review - American Muscle Grill 36-Inch 5-Burner Dual Fuel Grill

The American Muscle Grill is, of course, a gimmick. When I first heard about this grill, long before it showed up for sale, I thought it would be yet another low priced stainless steel product from China with this cringeworthy name.

After all, it was coming from Summerset Grills who have been the middlemen in a large number of imports from China over the last decade. Based on this, I largely dismissed the grill until I heard the price. Originally listed at around $10,000 (though perpetually on sale for around $7,500) it was obvious that this was something else. 

What this grill ended up being, is an American made, 304 stainless steel monster that can burn practically anything for fuel. The extra deep fire box separates the main gas burners from the cast stainless steel cooking grates by enough space to create even heat and leaves room for a row of 12 gauge stainless steel racks that can hold anything from wood pellets to small logs as well as any type of charcoal. This makes this a true hybrid grill that really can do most anything, including low and slow smoking with a high level of smoke production. 

The front panel is supposedly inspired by the 1969 Shelby Mustang GT350 and, of course, this is where the gimmick part comes into play. The truth is, this gas grill is designed to be competition for the Kalamazoo K750HT, the grill I have picked as the best of the best. At well under half the price of the Kalamazoo, this really is a bargain.

Having said that, it isn't as good, but on a dollar to dollar comparison, this grill is certainly worth mentioning and even considering. It is a powerhouse and the construction appears durable, but being very new, that is hard to comment on at this time. 

On the issue of clean up, if this grill is used frequently with charcoal or other solid fuel it will produce a large amount of ash. The full-width drip pan may be fine with a standard gas grill, but a more cone shaped ash collection system works better with this type of grill. Clean up isn't difficult, but it is rather awkward.

The American Muscle Grill is, as I said, new to the market, and the product line appears limited at this time. The price is going to keep many people away, and we will have to wait to see how all this comes together, but it is impressive and I can't argue with its performance, features, or power.