Take a Peek at America's First Tiny House Hotel

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    A One-of-a-Kind Boutique Hotel

    A view of the guests houses and courtyard. Tiny House Hotel

    Want to experience the small space life? Take a tiny home vacation at Caravan, America’s first tiny house hotel located in Portland, Oregon. 

    This unique lodging establishment has five little guesthouses that range in size from 100 — 200 square feet. Each abode features creature comforts including a fully functioning bathroom and kitchenette. Room service is also available via a local restaurant. If you need additional elbow room, there's the hotel's courtyard where guests are encouraged to sit in Adirondack chairs or to relax in a hammock. There's also a community fire pit where customers can make s’mores using complimentary ingredients. And since Caravan is located in Portland’s bustling Alberta Arts District, entertainment, shopping and dining options are within walking distance.

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    The Caboose Guesthouse

    Tiny House Hotel_The-Caboose-Exterior_Smallspaces.about.com.jpg
    An exterior view of The Caboose guest house. Tiny House Hotel

    Did you know that back in the day railroad cabooses provided shelter for the train crew? I didn't until I did a little research for this post. This tiny home's namesake inspired its exterior design.

    To peek inside the Caboose Guesthouse read on.

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    A Peek Inside The Caboose Guesthouse

    The first floor in The Caboose. Tinyhousehotel.com

    Here's a view of The Caboose's main level.  The 140 square foot space can sleep up to four people. The lower level has bunk beds and the upper level is a sleeping loft that features big windows and a cozy full-sized bed.

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    The Skyline Guesthouse

    An exterior view of the Skyline Guesthouse. Tinyhousehotel.com

    The Skyline was built mostly out of reclaimed building materials — like the roof made from refrigerator panels and flooring made of old wood decking.

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    A Peek Inside The Skyline Guesthouse

    Tiny House Hotel

    The Skyline is a 160 square foot space that can sleep up to four people on the two queen-sized beds shown here.

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    The Tandem Guesthouse

    An exterior view of the Tandem Guest House. Tinyhousehotel.com

    The Tandem is a 160 square foot space that can also sleep up to four people. The small house has two queen beds.

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    A Peek Inside The Tandem Guesthouse

    Tiny House Hotel

    Here's an interior view of The Tandem Guesthouse. The ladder leads to a sleeping loft. The first level is equipped with a queen-sized bed.

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    The Rosebud Guesthouse


    Got a friendly dog? The Rosebud guesthouse allows small to midsized canines for an additional $25 pet fee. The tiny house is 100 square feet, and it fits one to two people plus man's best friend.

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    Rosebud Kitchen

    Tiny House Hotel

    The Rosebud guesthouse has a cozy sleeping loft in addition to a small . The home’s kitchen features a lovely pebble counter top.

    To make reservations at the Caravan or to learn more about their tiny guesthouses go here: The Tiny House Hotel