Amy Elliott Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands Expert Amy Elliott grew up in Connecticut and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to writing professionally on the topic, she regularly gives advice on purchasing engagement rings to friends and family. While there's nothing she likes more than spotting a unique take on this traditional piece of jewelry, and though she is a huge proponent of making unconventional choices (rose gold! rough diamonds! sapphires!), her own engagement ring is a simple round diamond solitaire set in yellow gold. "Everything on my left hand is clean and classic," she says. "But my right hand is basically a carnival. I can't resist color." Amy is particularly fond of estate and antique jewelry, and has sharpened her ability to spot "diamonds in the rough" at antique centers and jewelry stores all over the country. Often with her mother in tow.


Amy Elliott is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in weddings and fine jewelry. She began her editorial career at The Knot but it wasn't until she joined the staff of Bridal Guide magazine that she developed an affinity for jewelry—curating it, getting to know the people involved in it and just generally conducting all manner of research and interviews to learn everything she could about the topic. At Bridal Guide she produced and wrote the "All That Glitters" column for several years, which allowed her to explore the complexities that come with shopping for an engagement ring, and to acquire valuable technical knowledge about gems, precious metals and more.

Later, Amy went on to become the Executive Editor of the late, great Brides Local Magazines collective at Conde Nast, as well as Part of her role involved curating fine jewelry for cover shoots and slideshows; she delighted in sourcing the most beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands, always pulling from a studied mix of industry powerhouses and indie designers.

Amy widened her purview of the indie jewelry design world as part of the senior staff of Lucky magazine (and later, a contributing writer there), and currently works as a freelance writer and consultant for a diverse portfolio of media outlets (e.g., Wynn, Hamptons, Gotham, JCK) and brands (e.g., Ann Taylor, J.Crew, Tory Burch and Target).

An avid traveler, Amy has visited the DeBeers mines in South Africa and Botswana, spent many years covering the international jewelry trade shows in Las Vegas and regularly attends the Tucson Gem Show in search of treasures big and small.

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