Amy Jeanroy

Amy Jeanroy is an herbal gardener and author who contributed content to The Spruce for eight years. 


  • Master gardener and herbal gardener in many regions of the United States
  • Author of three books
  • Has operated a greenhouse business since 1999
  • Contributed herb gardening content to The Spruce for eight years


Amy Jeanroy wrote about herb gardening for The Spruce for eight years. She lives on a wild homestead on the coast of Maine. When not working in the gardens, she sells to farmers' markets and offers herbal soaps, tinctures, salves, teas, and recipes. Jeanroy is also the author of books on canning and fermented foods and has written for the website Becky's Greenhouse. 


Amy received her Associates in Accounting from Mount Washington College in 1997 and attended the University of Maine at Machias for business, management, marketing, and related support services from 2015 to 2017. 

Expertise: Master gardening, herbal gardening
Education: University of Maine at Machias
Location: Robbinston, Maine
Title: Author, editor, and gardener

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