Amy Jeanroy

Amy has been an herbal gardener in many regions of the US. Her family has operated a greenhouse business since 1999, where she grows numerous herbs for medicinal and culinary uses. A master gardener, Amy enjoys helping answer gardening questions and showing how fun it is to grow herbs in any size garden.


Amy lives on a wild and wonderful homestead on the coast of Maine. When not working in the gardens, she sells to farmers markets and offers herbal soaps, tinctures, salves, teas and recipes to help the customers become more familiar with the joy of herbs.

Amy is the also the author of Canning and Preserving For Dummies,2nd edition, Co-author of Canning and Preserving All in One, and Co-author of Fermented Foods for Dummies. 

Amy Jeanroy

I have been studying herbalism for  over 20 years. My first experience was at 19, when I lived off of the land for two years in a cabin on a mountain. I started out learning all of the local plants to see what would heal me and what would feed me. From that point, I knew my path was in growing and using herbs.

I truly feel that a weed is an herb that you do not know what to do with, and welcome the opportunity to teach readers about all of the wonderful herbs that there are to grow.

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