House Tour: An Elegant and Simple 688 Square Foot Townhouse in Osaka

Yoshiro Masuda
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    A Practical and Simple Small Townhouse

    Yoshiro Masuda

    Behind this unassuming exterior is a practical split-level abode that's less than 700 square feet. Unlike many small homes we see these days, this one designed by Japanese architect Kazuteru Matumura doesn't have loads of concealed built-in storage.  Instead, the townhouse has a simple and functional layout that puts most of the occupant's belongings on display.

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    Shoe and Bike Storage

    Yoshiro Masuda

    The townhouse’s entryway doubles as a shoe closet. The occupants' bikes are also kept in this bright and welcoming spot.

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    Behind the Entryway's Wall
    Yoshiro Masuda

    Behind the wall on the first floor is the bedroom and bathroom. They are the only rooms in the townhouse that have doors for privacy.

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    The Bedroom and Bathroom
    Yoshiro Masuda

    The bedroom and bathroom are modestly sized and minimally furnished.  The bedroom is the only room in the home that has a built-in closet.

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    The Townhouse's Upper Level

    Yoshiro Masuda

    The main living space is located on the second floor. Most of the occupants' belongings are stored out in the open on or around a shelf and a countertop that both run nearly the entire length of the second floor.

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    A Practical and Functional Tiny Kitchen

    Yoshiro Masuda

    There are no cabinets in the kitchen. Pots, pans and cooking utensils are hung along the stainless steel backsplash. Dishes and bowls are stored on the shelf.

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    A Compact Home Office and Craft Area

    Yoshiro Masuda

    The countertop functions as a desk for the home office and spot for sewing.

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    A Modest and Cozy Living Room

    Yoshiro Masuda

    The upper level also has a small living room where the occupants' get to kick back and watch television.