Andrew Hughes, Certified Arborist

andrew hughes

Andrew Hughes is a certified arborist based in Kansas City, Missouri. He owns and runs Urban Loggers, LLC, which offers tree removal and care services and snow removal services in the Midwest and Connecticut.


  • Certified Arborist since 2021
  • Member of the International Society of Arborists
  • Specializes in tree heal care


Andrew Hughes began his tree education on an organic farm in Kansas. He acquired several years of experience managing woods and doing ecological restoration before shifting his focus.

He founded Urban Loggers, LLC in 2017 and began offering tree and snow removal services. Since 2018, he has honed in a specialty in tree heal care, which includes pruning, diagnosing ailments, treating stressors, planting, and removing trees. He works primarily on trees native to temperate climates.


Bachelor of Arts in International Business, Denison University

Expertise: Tree Heal Care, Urban Forestry
Education: Denison University
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Title: Certified Arborist

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