New Anki Overdrive Toys

Anki OverDrive

Anki Overdrive toys are part of a fast-action, car racing game that uses a unique track system and an app on either an iOs or android device like a tablet or smartphone.

Before Anki Overdrive, there was Anki Drive. With Anki Drive, cars could race on mats, instead of tracks that were unrolled. The tracks did not have to be constructed or built.  Using an app on an iOS or Android device, players could race and control up to 4 robotic supercars in a variety of games that included battle mode, race mode, team mode and balance mode.

The game play included ways for players to build their skills and even disable cars in order to speed ahead and win. However, while the game play was certainly fun, the static track system did not allow for customizability and spontaneity.

Anki Overdrive is the improved version of Anki Drive, that takes robot racing car and track innovation and design to a whole new level. 

Anki OVERDRIVE includes the ability to design tracks with an infinite amount of possibilities using a modular track system. Tracks are flat and large, similar to the size of a large piece of legal sized paper, but they are sturdy and have the ability to attach seamlessly using magnets.

The tracks can accommodate up to 6 players, instead of 4. App play will also promote battle modes or against "virtual enemy AI commanders."

An interesting feature of the game, is that once it begins, the cars will not stop driving. They remain on the tracks and wait for the player to activate different commands using the app, depending on which game mode has been initiated.


While a basic kit includes the ability to get started in building a simple track while racing a few cars, there are expansion packs. The expansion tracks allow players to utilize their imagination, engineering and design skills to create an open-ended racetrack that is built to their own specifications.


An amazing detail of the expansion tracks are the 180 degree tracks. Gone are the days when players will need to develop and design a closed ended, circular racetrack, completing lap after lap. Tracks can now span the lengths of hallways and rooms in a linear direction before making a 180 degree turn and racing in the opposite direction.

In addition, there are track launch kits, for jumps and stunts. There are also kits to elevate the driving surface and to create bank turns. Players can also expand their vehicle collection to additional cars and super trucks that look like tractor trailer vehicles.


Anki OVERDRIVE is recommended for children ages 8 and up and is a great toy for tweens. Anki OVERDRIVE doesn't just fit into one category of play, given that it involves tablets, robots, and vehicle play. So no matter what age, this one of the coolest toys for boys, that include gamers, technology lovers and racers of all ages, interests and abilities.

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