Anna Knief

Anna Knief

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Anna Knief is an Associate Director on the Research + Testing team with more than 6 years of editorial experience in eCommerce, covering products in home, food, lifestyle, beauty, and fitness. She is obsessed with helping readers find the best products to suit their needs.


  • Nearly 10 years of experience in digital content writing and editing
  • More than 6 years of experience in eCommerce, with a strong knowledge of home appliances, cleaning, and textiles
  • Earned a B.A. in English from Iowa State University


A homebody by nature, Anna has always been interested in the products, strategies, and design elements that make living spaces feel cozier and more functional. When her mom took her to big-box stores as a child, Anna didn't gravitate toward toys or kids' clothes; instead, she was interested in checking out the washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, blenders, and desk organizers. She wanted to be an editor when she grew up, but she had no idea that there was a space for her to combine her love of all things home with storytelling.

Anna started her professional writing career with a healthy dose of digital marketing at a local agency where she learned the ins and outs of writing fully optimized content for her clients' websites. In 2017, she joined the country's largest print and digital publisher, becoming the managing editor of a centralized commerce team that contributed to brands including Better Homes & Gardens, REAL SIMPLE, FOOD & WINE, Travel + Leisure, SHAPE, and PEOPLE. Three years later, she started managing strategic partnerships and editorial operations. The product and brand knowledge she gained during her tenure came in handy when she furnished her first home after a wild homebuying experience in 2021.

Anna joined the Research + Testing team in 2022 and currently supports The Spruce by overseeing product testing for all things home. She reviews the expert testing methodologies developed in house, thoroughly researches products to call in for testing, analyzes test results conducted in both The Lab and real-world settings, shares product insights with editors, and collaborates closely with production to ensure each test is executed with accuracy and integrity.

Anna lives in the heart of the Midwest with her husband Tom and their rescue dog Toast.

Favorite Purchases:

My favorite purchase has to be the home I bought with my husband in 2021. We had been adults for more than 10 years at that point, but it felt like the most adult thing we had ever done because we saved up for the down payment for so long. If I had to choose a single product, though, I'd pick the Dyson v6 handheld vacuum. This was actually a wedding gift that was given to us, but I use it almost every day to suck up small messes (or the occasional spider), and it's still going strong after more than 5 years!


Anna has a Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in Journalism, Technical Communication, and Performing Arts from Iowa State University. She graduated summa cum laude, with honors.

Education: Iowa State University
Location: Des Moines, IA
Title: Associate Director, Home - Research + Testing

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