Explore This Designer's Stunning and Stylish Toronto House

Designer Digs: Anne Hepfer Toronto house

Design: Anne Hepfer / Illustration: The Spruce

With a professional eye for luxury, it’s no surprise that Anne Hepfer’s own home is as lush and luxe as her projects. Through her eponymous firm, the Toronto-based designer has been featured in House Beautiful, The Wall St Journal, Architectural Digest.com, and Domino.

Now, Hepfer’s preparing for the debut of her latest endeavor, her book MOOD. The stunning book “explores the power of a stylish and soul-nourishing refuge of one's own” and is available now for presale. 

In celebration of her upcoming book release, we talked to Hepfer about her own beautiful refuge in Toronto—a house that embraces lavish, colorful design.


Hepfer currently lives in Toronto. “I married a Canadian—we thought a couple of years here would be a fun change from New York City," she shares. "That was in 2004, and we’re still here!”

An Undefinable Aesthetic 

“I work in many styles,” Hepfer says of her home’s current vibe. “It’s all about how I want a space to feel.”

With a passion for classical Georgian architecture, Hepfer tells that her 4,500-square-foot space embraces all things original. “I loved the layout, 10’ ceilings, lots of light, and beautiful proportions," she gushes.

Entryway with two console tables and ornate elements.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

A Home With Good Bones and Original Floors

There’s also one much-coveted detail of the home: the floors. “The walnut floors are original to the home,” Hepfer says. “They show wear and tear, love, and patina. I wouldn’t ever change them.”

Sitting room with red luxe walls and wooden floors.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

A French-Inspired Terrace

“We have a beautiful brick-walled courtyard garden,” Hepfer explains when asked about the home’s outdoor space. “The furniture was inspired by Hubert de Givenchy’s garden in Cap-Ferrat.”

A Kitchen Made for Meal Prep 

The kitchen has tons of storage, including white, high-gloss cabinets. Designed with cooking in mind, Hepfer describes it as a great work kitchen.

"It’s blue and white, which will always be fresh and timeless,” she says.

Luxe Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Along with modern bathrooms with “all the bells and whistles,” Hepfer says that the bedrooms are also carefully planned. 

Blue pastel bedroom.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

“Each space reflects each of our kids,” Hepfer says, referring to her four children. “I involved them in the design process. The twin beds are great for sleepovers, and my daughter needed extra storage, so we had upholstered drawers made in the base of her bed. My youngest son is an artist and collector of many things, so we installed cork on all of his walls to display his rotating works.”

Kid's bedroom with pink textured wallpaper.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

An Ever-Changing Space 

“I am constantly changing, adding, subtracting, and reupholstering,” Hepfer says. “Our home is my laboratory, full of color and pieces found in my travels. As our four kids grow older, our needs and styles evolve and mature as well. But for now, I call our house the 'fun house.'”

Our home is my laboratory, full of color and pieces found in my travels. I call our house the 'fun house.'

Eclectic and colorful living room.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

Rooms with a Wide Array of Views

Thanks to the home’s urban location, every room on the main floor is an experience, according to Hepfer.

“This is what I love about city living," she explains. "Our red room is a cozy refuge, the dining room is up in the clouds, and our living room is a colorful, musical harmony.”

Purple antique dining room inspired by Georgian design.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

One Special Heirloom

When asked about the most special piece in the home, Hepfer notes a family heirloom gifted to her by her great-grandmother.

“My great-grandmother’s American mahogany mirror-back pier table sits in our living room," she says. "When my kids were little, they would sit under it and make sticky handprints in the mirror. Lots of giggles and great memories.”

Antique black and gold mirror over white console table.

Anne Hepfer / Photographer: Virginia Macdonald